DDS blogger burns News5 anchor Ed Lingao who thinks a public official doing a fist bump with PRRD no credibility & independence?

Here’s a lesson for any aspiring Associate Justice at the Supreme Court or AFP General withing the next 3 years of the PRRD admin, don’t do a fist bump with PRRD in front of the camera.

Somehow, that photo of yours sharing a fist bump with PRRD may soon end up on social media.

Before you know it, someone from mainstream media will make a fuss about it, accusing you of incapable of making independent decision because you are either a huge Duterte fan as shown in your photo with PRRD making a fist bump or because you owe your position to PRRD.

Well, newly-appointed Associate SC Justice Rodil Zalameda who was doing a fist bump after his oath-taking in Malacanang is probably the first victim of such unfair allegation.

Lopez assured Lingao that PRRD will not interfere with the business of his appointees.

Lopez said that if we follow his logic, he should have been fired from his job along time ago because his boss, MVP did a fist bump with PRRD.

You may read the screen-grab photo of Lingao’s FB post below.

But thanks to DDS blogger Mark Lopez for defending Associate Justice Rodil Zalameda on Facebook.

Poor guy, before he could even warm up to his seat, someone from the mainstream media rained on his parade.

Anyway, Lopez remarked that Lingao should take it easy. Because the photo means nothing but a photo-op, nothing more but symbolic of admiration and respect for the guy.

You may read Mark Lopez full FB post below.

Mr Ed Lingao,

Chill lang boss…photo op lang yan with the President. Simbolo lang ng paghanga and respeto.

Hindi naman ibig sabihin nyan eh tainted o magiging biased na ang mga newly appointed officials na yan, particularly si Associate Justice Rodil Zalameda.

Hindi naman yan mangangahulugan na didiktahan ni President Rody Duterte ang mga yan, o gagawing mga alipores.

Kasi kung ganyan din lang naman ang tingin mo eh pano yan kung mismong big boss mo na si MVP eh nag Duterte fist bump din?

Eh di dapat tanggal ka na sa trabaho mo jan sa TV5?

Na Duterte na si MVP dahil nag fist bump na eh so dapat ang TV5 eh network na ni Duts. Aba hindi ka na bagay jan eh napaka anti Duterte mo pa naman.

Pero wala naman di ba?

Huwag masyado snowflake boss.

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