Debunking Vice Ganda’s dig that AlDub fans’ tweets were fake!

Debunking Vice Gandas claim it was fake

Debunking Vice Ganda’s claim that the 25.6 M tweets of Aldub fans were fake.

Vice-Ganda issued a statement yesterday via her Facebook Page that many netizens especially from the Eat Bulaga fans viewed as an indirect and a blatant accusation that the record-breaking 25.6 million tweets came mostly from ‘fake’ accounts while claiming their tweets as real and organic.

For the past few Saturdays, Eat Bulaga has dominated the twitter trending war against its competitor ‘Showtime’ but yesterday was kind of special. Why? Because it was the first time ABS-CBN’s noontime show made a bold effort to face the Twitter trending war head-on by gathering all of ABS-CBN’s popular love teams to appear as guests during Showtime’s anniversary. This is in response to Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye top-billed by the accidental love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza more popular known as Yaya Dub

But even before the official count is finished, it was already clear who won yesterdays twitter trending war and by looking at the figure, Eat Bulaga clearly won the battle by a landslide.

The result of the twitter trending war did not sit well with Vice Ganda and posted a message on his Facebook Page that will definitely further heat up the twitter war and make the next few days even more exciting for both fans.

Let me direct your attention to the controversial post of Vice Ganda to check if indeed the ‘angry’ reactions from the camps of Eat Bulaga and AlDub fans are warranted.

Vice Ganda Controversial p

Vice Ganda’s controversial Facebook post.

However, how do we know if the tweets from AlDub fans that made the historic 25.6 millions tweets were fake and inorganic? I’ve been trying to find the guidelines directly from Twitter to determine what constitutes fake and inorganic tweets. But unfortunately, didn’t find one.

The closest I can think of that is not accepted by Twitter is the use of thousands of fake Twitter accounts to send tweets with the aim of manipulating or influencing the trending result on Twitter. But this is very risky because if detected by Twitter’s powerful algorithm, they will automatically suspend fake accounts used in sending tweets and remove your tweets from their system, thus flushing down your efforts to the drain.

Another instance, that would constitute a violation of Twitter policy is the use of a paid software or a paid online service to send tweets using the hashtag to trend on Twitter. Again, if Twitter catches up on the violaators, the account used in the activity deemed illegal to Twitter’s policy is automatically suspended.

It has been weeks since AlDub dominated Twitter trends and if indeed they are using foul tactics like using thousands of fake accounts to gain the upper hand from their fiercest competitors, Twitter would have caught up with those illegal means and suspend thousands of fake accounts thus resulting in a massive reduction of the number of tweets from the AlDub fans and preventing them from dominating Twitter.

Do you have any idea how people manipulate the trending algorithm in Twitter?



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