Dela Salle prof slams Philippine Daily Inquirer over the “Metro Manila traffic is just a state of mind” headline

You can’t blame the general public for hating the local press!

Yesterday, netizens who holds a neutral view of the Duterte administration suddenly started spewing insulting words directed against Sec. Tugade of DOTC for allegedly saying “Metro Manila traffic is just a state of mind” in PDI’s banner headline.

Dr. Antonio Contreras, known for his neutral stance on Duterte and his administration spoofed Sec. Tugade as a result of the alleged “state of mind” comment on Metro Manila traffic.

Oh. And now, Sec. Tugade, you also became one, I mean, a state of mind.

Netizens also joined the fray and swarmed over Sec. Tugade for the alleged callous statement.

Niña Aninias says:

CARLOS, anything to make excuses for this administration. This is a new level of low! State of mind my behind!

Isagani P. Junio says:

Ginamit niyo issue ng traffic against Aquino admin..ngayon wala kayo maipakita na paraan para lutasin eto..ngayon state of the mind na lang?ang ingay mo pa Tugade..yan ba trademark ng Duterte admin?putak ng putak..

Dexter Firaza Boncolmo says:

Tang ina these are the type of people who loves to talk a lot but yet wala naman solusyon naibibigay. Aguirre, Tugade, Panel yan ang tatlong maingay na minions ng admin tapos kapag nagkamali ng pahayag to the rescue na si Andanar. Hahaha

A few hours after the news story went viral, the Presidential Communications issued a statement denying the DOTC Secretary ever said that “Metro Manila traffic is a state of mind!”

Check the Presidential Communications statement below.

Secretary Arthur Tugade in no way mentioned that traffic was a state of mind. This was a very misleading headline. Please see the actual quote below made during the launching of the NAIA Premium Bus Service:

“A state of mind adds to the problem of traffic. Let’s stop blaming traffic. If you’re late, that’s that.”

He was merely addressing the Filipino psyche of using traffic as an excuse. He believes that kind of state mind that automatically uses traffic as an excuse, unnecessarily adds to the problem of traffic.

“How any times have you used the excuse that is traffic even when it’s not? Pag na late kayo sa asawa niyo o girlfriend niyo, sasabihin niyo traffic. Totoo ba yon palagi? Madaling sabihan na dahil sa traffic. Kung hindi naman, magsabi tayo ng totoo.”

“Traffic has become a convenient excuse to justify one’s non-performance or non-compliance to an appointment.”

In fact, Secretary Tugade has always been outspoken about the traffic crisis and is even seeking to give the President emergency powers to solve the problem:

“Hindi ba nabababoy na yung quality of life natin dahil sa traffic? Hindi ba pinagtatawanan na tayo sa buong mundo dahil sa traffic? Tell me if that’s not a crisis, what is?”

Let us all be a #PartnerForChange to solve traffic.

As sson as Dr. Contreras read the statement from Malacanang, he wasted no time in taking back his words against Sec. Tugade and wrote a curt apology statement addressed to Tugade in a Facebook post.

But he did not stop here. He slammed the Philippine Daily Inquirer for their clickbait and misleading headline.

I sincerely apologize to Sec. Tugade for jumping into the fray and criticizing him.
Oh Philippine Daily Inquirer, you are really something. You succeeded in misrepresenting a statement. Shame on you!


Media is really part of the problem in this country. And I mean, pedigreed traditional media.

What is your say on this issue? Please post your comment below.


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