DH in distress claims she had two appendectomy caused a speculation frenzy in the social media

A distressed domestic helper in Saudi who claims she had two appendectomy in recent years caused a speculation frenzy in the social media.

OFW maltreatment

The photo posts by the Facebook Page DJ Silence Sniper caused the netizens to speculate that the Filipina domestic helper was a victim of an unscrupulous employer who sold her organ in exchange for money without her knowledge.

The fresh suture was the result of an appendectomy so the lady OFW claimed, but based on the photos, netizens think otherwise. Netizens agree that her fresh wound has not matched that of an appendectomy since the wound is long and located away from the anatomical position of the appendix.

According to the medical literature, incision done on Open appendectomy is 2 to 4 inches long and made in the lower right-hand side of the belly or abdomen.

The older scar which the lady OFW said was the result of her first appendectomy can be attributed to a surgical procedure done on the kidney based on the appearance of the incision. What do you think?

The post has been shared more than 6,000 times as of Saturday morning as netizens as her story strongly connected with thousands of Filipinos who have family members and friends working overseas.

The photos were originally posted in Moro Online, a Facebook community catering to our Moro brothers, written in their dialect.

The curiosity of a non-Moro netizen led him to ask someone who knows the dialect and have it translated.

According to the post, the lady is identified as Amira Landasan working as a domestic helper in Jeddah KSA. Check the translation of her original post below.

Magandang Araw po sa aking Ina At Ama patawarin niyo po ako sa ginawa kong pag post na ito hinde po ako nag post para magpasikat, nag post Ako para huminge ng tulong sa recruiter q at agency q dahil hirap na hirap na ako hnd kona kya mag trabaho dahil sa hirap ng kalagayan q at wla din akong pagkain dito sana po tulongan nyo ako at yong agency q recruiter q ina q at Ama q hnd po ako nag sisinungaling ito un totoong kalagayan ko. Good day my dear Tatay and Nanay! Forgive me for posting this, but I did this not for popularity sake. I want to ask for help from my recruiter and my employment agency. I am having a hard time with my condition and I can’t do my job any longer. I have also been denied food. Hope you can help me; Hoping also that my recruiter and employment agency will do something. Tatay and Nanay, I am not telling a lie; this is my current condition.

Let me share a photo comment of one of the commenters, which might give us an idea of how the lady OFW got her first surgical wound.


According to the photo comment, the lady OFW previously worked in Jordan. She had a spat with her female employer and then for no apparent reason, she was brought to the hospital where her appendix was removed. Then her employer moved to Jeddah, KSA along with the lady OFW. She accompanied her employer to Jordan for their vacation, but they were put on hold by the police for unpaid hospital bills. They were released from jail as soon as her employer settled the unpaid hospital bills. They returned to Jeddah and for the second time, she was brought to the hospital and a second appendectomy was done to the lady OFW. According to her, she is not receiving any salary since the employer paid for the surgeries.

What can you say about this?

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