Did the military court lose jurisdiction over Trillanes when he filed cert. of candidacy? This top notch martial lawyer says “NO”

Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, Trillanes’s buddy, has allegedly said that the court martial has lost jurisdiction over the senator when he filed his certificate of candidacy for senator.

Well, the country’s top notch court martial lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles says otherwise.

Angeles took to Facebook to contradict Alejano’s statement and at the same time, schooled the Magdalo representative about military court matters.

Angeles cited the Garcia and Abadilla case which the Supreme Court has already ruled that once jurisdiction is acquired, cannot be lost.

Dear Gary Alejano:

Despite our political differences and primarily because you did point out that you’ve never personally called me out for criticizing you, I remain respectful of you and your accomplishments as a Marine officer with an exemplary record.

But I heard your interview and I need to remind you that your statement on Sen. Sonny’s separation from the service is incorrect. You said that once Sonny Trillanes filed his certificate of candidacy the court martial lost jurisdiction. That is NOT true.

In the Abadilla case the Supreme Court already ruled that jurisdiction, once acquired cannot be lost. And this holds true even in courts martial. In fact, not even retirement will deprive the CM of its jurisdiction. The Court reiterated that in the Gen. Carlos Garcia case. You remember Garcia, of course. You were detained in the same cell block in Crame.

Much of the prevailing commentary looks at the civilian courts on this case of amnesty. But you should not forget that Special General Court Martial No.1 can still be reconvened.

Here’s how the netizens reacted on Angeles FB post.

Manuel Jr Sabino Thats why i leave issues of legality to lawyer not to Alejano. Mygaaad alejano little knowledge is dangerous magmumukha kang uninformed. Jurisprudence dont forget alejano. Research din hwag putak ng putak tumatanda ka na kapag di ka nagresearch kalawang ka na

Joji Loyola Alejano’s IGNORANCE is exemplary! He must’ve sought legal advice from Leni, the Master Bar flunker!

Cez Sardillo Thanks Atty. Trixie we need people like you here in socmed. We are being educated by sharing your knowledge and wisdom, people can”t easily be fooled by the mainstream media or by anybody.

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