Do these photos of Olympian Hidilyn Diaz justifies her inclusion in Malacanang’s destab matrix? DDS supporters think so!

Pinoy Facebook netizens reacted with disbelief after Olypmian weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz made it to the destabilization matrix released by Malacanang recently.

Equally shocked was the Rio Olympics silver medalist in weightlifting who was in tears during an interview with Atom Araullo denying her link with the destabilization plot versus the Duterte government. You may watch the video below now.

But the Facebook page “The Political Labandera” isn’t buying Diaz’s drama.

In her latest Facebook post dated May 10, 2019, “Political Labandera” wrote:

Ooooy. Manager ni Hidilyn kilalang anti-Du30. Aw, ok. Profilers can now assume her personal political leaning. And it’s leaning towards…Yellow.

O.A. cya Kasi sa video nya kahapon eh! Kaya marami tuloy NAG DUDA. Kaya hinalungkat cya! Ayan. Nakalkal tuloy.

Anyway, YAYAAAAA! Popcorn lang talaga food ko this lunch. Ayoko yung feeling na parang may “weights” sa loob ng tummy ko today. Mabigat na yung labada, mabigat pa tiyan ko? AYAW. 😂

Netizen Arleen Medina was one of the firsts to dug up Hidilyn Diaz’s yellow connection and wrote:

oooooooooooh but wait there’s more…

Manager ni Hidilyn si Noel Ferrer na anti duterte at kilalang dilawan at supporter ni leni robredo.

The intel knows…

Upon checking “Political Labandera’s” Facebook post, it turned out the page had earlier posted another pic of Diaz she shared with yellow personalities affiliated with Leni Robredo.

Upon further investigation, it appears “Political Labandera” lifted her information from Arleen Medina, who also shared Hidilyn Diaz’s photo with Antom Lim and wrote this caption:

To shed more light on why Hidilyn Diaz was on the Oust Duterte matrix:

That man on the right of Hidilyn is Anton Lim, founder of Yellowboat of Hope org with links to NowYouKnow FB page where Bikoy video was initially shared.

The intel knows…

Another Facebook post of Arleen Medina showed Hidilyn Diaz’s father wearing a polo short with the Magdalo patch?

The Weightlifting Medalist Athlete Hidilyn Diaz’s father is member of the Magdalo group?

The intel knows…

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