Doctor compares Duterte’s love affair with Filipinos to a plane just taking off. Find out why!

President Duterte is undoubtedly a popular figure and no matter what his critics do to undermine it, they will die trying.

Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, a popular blogger in the social media sphere, taunts Duterte critics on Facebook to quit their destabilizing plans against Duterte and engage in other hobbies other than overthrowing a popular president because no matter what, they will meet a certain defeat.

Why? I want you to read Dr. Badoy’s witty and honest post below.

“President Rodrigo Duterte’s love affair with the Filipino people is like a jet plane that’s just taken off.

Nothing and no one can stop it right now. He is beloved. Just look at the TIME Magazine survey of Top 100 Men and Women for 2017. He is the runaway top guy at 13% with no less than the pope, a poor second at 3%. And Vladimir Putin. And Mark Zuckerberg. And Justin Trudeau. And Bill Gates. All at 3% each.

Plus 9 out of 10 Filipinos right now approve of him.

Wrap your dim minds around that, you clowns. Nine out of ten.

So if I wanted to topple his government and if I wanted to destroy him and take his place, and IF I had half a teaspoon of IQ on me, I’d wait. Bide my time. Wait for when he trips and makes some HUGE error so that people turn against him and his approval ratings go on a downward dizzy spiral.

This isn’t rocket science, Einsteins. (It’s that half a teaspoon of IQ that’s the problem. I see this now.)

THEN and only THEN would it be the time to let your cash flow to pay the EU idiots with galls as huge as Goodyear blimps to call for the president’s resignation, or to talk before the UNDOC in your singsong voice and creepy smile with your made up numbers about killings and blah blah blah, and too, whatever shit the cub scouts Trillanes, Alejano are up to (I don’t even bother to find out. Who takes these batang uhugins seriously really?)

In the meantime, learn a craft. Mag-gantsilyo club muna kayo, Trillanes, Leni, etc. Bake ng red velvet cupcakes. Tapos yung mga taga EU, mag online ch!ld p0rn muna kayo. Dyan naman kayo magaling eh. (Wow. Uproar.)

That’s my advice for you, ninnies. For now, I won’t charge you for it. Libre yan. Pero ulit ulitin nyo pa tong katangahan nyo, may charge na ha.

You’re welcome.”

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