DOTr asks ANC to correct misleading headline, denies Tugade declining commute challenge, tells ANC not to prey on the public’s mind for clickbait

This is no longer surprising! ABS-CBN and its subsidiary getting caught red handed peddling misleading and clickbait headlines?

For the nth time, Sec. Art Tugade of the DOTr was the victim of ANC’s tabloid journalism.

According to an ABS-CBN article, two government officials backed out of the commute challenge, alluding to DOTr Sec. Art Tugade and MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago.

It can be recalled Tugade was asked by reporters if he will do the commute challenge and the DOTR Sec. answered in the negative. Said he will not commute for the sake of a dare. Besides, Tugade said he has been commuting via the MRT, jeepneys, LRT but without fanfare and media men in tow.

The DOTr people did not waste a second to air the side of Tugade and embarrass the fake news peddlers.

In a Facebook post, the DOTr via its Facebook page called out ANC for their misleading headline, demanding them to rectify their misleading an clickbait headline.

The DOTr also explained why their headline was misleading in the first place by providing them with the exact words that the good Secretary said when asked if he will accept the commute challenge.

You may read the original article below now.

Dear ANC,

You know for a fact that your headline is misleading. Secretary Arthur Tugade did not say he is declining to accept the challenge in the context of proving that there is no transport crisis yet.

The Secretary’s point is: He will not commute just because of a media or psyche-oriented challenge because even before the challenge was given, he has long been commuting. He rides the jeepney, bus, MRT, and LRT unannounced. The only difference is that when he commutes, there is no security, no special treatment, and no media coverage.

His exact quotes were:

“I can demonstrate my empathy without accepting challenge that are basically media-oriented or psyche challenge. I will accept the challenge and I will do it on my own time which I have been doing anyway.

Ang assumption parang hindi ako sumasakay ng tren, ng P2P bus, tsaka jeepney. Sumasakay po ako para testingin ‘yung mga proseso at mga kalagayan.

Ang diperensiya lang ‘pag ako sumakay, hindi ko ho inaanunsyo. ‘Pag ako sumakay, wala ho akong kasamang media. Sumasakay lang ako ng personal. Minsan kasama ko ‘yung anak ko, ‘yung apo ko, minsan ‘yung staff ko.”

We hope you can rectify your headline, as misleading information does not help at all. Let us not prey on the public’s mind for clickbait.

Thank you very much.

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Source: DOTr


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