Dr. Badoy on VP Robredo: Ganyan ka-incompetent si Leni Robredo. Or kasinungaling. Take your pick

GANYAN ka-incompetent si Leni Robredo. Or kasinungaling. Take your pick.

This is the tone of Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy’s Facebook post after listening to the Leni Robredo interview conducted by Rappler.

Dr. Badoy said the revealing part of the interview came at around 32:00, when Leni Robredo explains her “accomplishments” that quickly turns into “why I didn’t get this done.”

She said Robredo was explaining her claim of having made possible the building of 17,000 homes for Yolanda victims at this juncture.

Here’s the excerpt of the Leni Robredo interview transcribed by Dr. Badoy for the pleasure of her readers.

“So yung proposal sana namin ng joint memorandum circular is to accept other rights based tenurial instruments like tax declarations, etc. pag napirmahan yon, may 17,000 agad na maa-unlock kasi yun yung nakabinbin dahil sa requirement na yon. Tingin naming kung masundan lang ang policies na yon na inumpisahan namin, parang bibilis sha ng grabe.

Kasi right now it takes about 2-3 yrs before a housing project goes into fruition because of the processes.

So what we have done in the 5 months is to try to unlock the knots as far as processes are concerned. We entered into a memorandum of agreement with BIR, kasi one of the things that is stalling these processes is BIR takes a long time to issue exemptions to taxes. Yun na-unlock na naming yon, we’re also in the process of meeting with COA, LAND REGN AUTHORITY, as far as also unlocking the chokepoints from their perspective.

R: So it’s more like the bureaucratic obstacles.

L: OO! (*BIG SIGH!*). Yun yung nakakatagal is government to government procedure which is really sad. Kasi like yung Yolanda, nasa bureaucratic red tape ang dahilan kung baket sha natatagalan. Gaya ng sabi ko 205k houses are needed, only 32k has been built. And it’s not because of lack of funds because the funds are there already. It is because of red tape.”

“If I’m being charitable to the VP, the most I can call her is ‘newbie’. If I were more truthful: lazy, inept, bumbling, incompetent, totally unqualified. Liar even,” Dr. Badoy wrote.

Dr.Badoy belied Robredo’s claim that she discovered and unlocked the chokeholds in HUDCC.

She claims to have discovered those chokeholds on her own and then that she tried to unlock those chokeholds as far as processes are concerned and that she entered into a memorandum of agreement with the BIR, LRA

The truth is those chokeholds had long been identified during the Binay/Chito Cruz tenure as HUDCC head and what’s more, those chokeholds had long been cleared. THEY NO LONGER EXIST.

Pag-IBIG under Atty Darlene Berberabe/VP Binay has long identified them and addressed them. And there already exists a MOA with the BIR and LRA for one stop shop in Pag-IBIG so that transfer of title to borrowers is a seamless process, and so red tape is eliminated.

“GANYAN ka-incompetent si Leni Robredo. Or kasinungaling. Take your pick,” Dr. Badoy declared.

She said Robredo would have discovered earlier that the chokeholds she claimed to have untangled had she met with the heads of key shelter agencies earlier than she did.

Had she sat with holdovers of key shelter agencies as soon as she was given the HUDCC portfolio on July 7, instead of September when she finally did, she would have known all that.

But that did not happen as Robredo toured the world courtesy of her VP position.

Instead, she traipsed around the globe—wining, dining, enjoying the perks of high office, meeting up with has-been, decrepit, demented billionaires with too much time on their hands, bored out of their skulls, who then use the Philippines as their toy and so plot the overthrow of a duly elected President with a clear mandate from the Filipino people.

Dr. Badoy went on to explain how she got mad VP Robredo.

And here is where she gets me stark raving mad: when she blames bureaucratic red tape for why hundreds of thousands of Yolanda victims who have remained homeless 3 years after the monster storm surge took all that was precious to them.

No Leni, it is not bureaucratic red tape that kills Filipinos. It is not bureaucratic red tape that damns the already-damned impoverished Filipinos—those who have been forgotten and lay bleeding by the wayside—etong mga nasa laylayan ng lipunan na sinabi mong paglilingkuran mo.

It is because of breathtakingly heartless and astoundingly inept politicians like you who use them as fodder for whatever political gains they may suck out of the poor.

These cynical bastards who use the poor as political pawns to the deadly game of political one-upmanship they play, the poor they love to give their awwwww—can-you-look-at-that huggybuggies for photo ops and then throw them off the ditch once the cameras are out of sight.

“This is what Leni Robredo is: a clown. A most inept and foolish VP of a clown,” Dr. Badoy wrote.

Video courtesy of Rappler:

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Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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