Dumagat chieftain hurt about ‘no list, no relief goods’ policy of DSWD

The Dumagat chieftain talks to Rappler to ask for aid from the government because his people are eating papayas to survive. But before we proceed, let us reflect on the past actions of the Aquino government.

Hours before Typhoon Yolanda made landfall in November 2013, Pnoy delivered a warning to the residents of the towns and cities where the typhoon was expected to wreck havoc. But the highlight of his speech was how he tried to assure the general public that the government all the preparations were already put in place.

Likewise, before Lando struck Northern Luzon, Pnoy also made a similar televised announcement assuring the public that the previous calamities have taught them several lessons.

I was about to give the President the benefit of the doubt until I watch this video shared by Rappler today.

According to Dumagat tribe chieftain Luigie Prado, the group decided to descend from their mountain abode to the lowlands because HELP is nowhere in sight in the mountains and death due to starvation is not far behind.

The chieftain added, that their food stocks, mostly sweet potatoes are rotting since they were soaked in flood water. To survive, the 50 Dumagat families resorted to eating papayas especially the kids, just not to die of starvation.

The chieftain also added that the young children are starting to get sick and that worries them.

In the meantime, 50 Dumagat families led by the tribal chief are living in makeshift shelters to protect them from the elements.

Unfortunately, at the time of the interview with Rappler, the 50 Dumagat families have returned empty handed when they visited their Barangay to ask for relief goods. Why? Because the Barangay chairman failed to submit the correct list of his constituents to the local DSWD. And what does this mean? No list, no relief goods!

You may watch the video now.

Typhoon Lando: Dumagat tribe in Aurora calls for aid

After #LandoPH, about 50 indigenous families who are staying in makeshift shelters in Barangay Cozo, Casiguran need food and shelter assistance, a Dumagat tribe chieftain says.

Posted by Rappler on Thursday, October 22, 2015

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