Duterte supporters to Rappler: Gov’t agencies not allowed to post photos of actual soldiers in action

After Rappler alerted the public about Mocha Uson using the wrong photo to rally support behind our troopers, Mocha’s supporters defended her ferociously.

Visibly irked, the newly-appointed Asec to PCOO, Mocha did not let the day pass without making a statement defending herself from Rappler and vicious critics.

Let us read Mocha Uson’s statement below in response to Rappler’s article criticizing her use of a wrong photo.

“Rappler minsan gumamit din ng common sense wag masyadong mag magaling. I did not say na Philippine Army yan. I did not say that picture was taken from Marawi. It’s a symbol of army praying. Pag nag post ba ako ng picture ni Rizal na sumusulat at sabihin ko na tuloy ang laban para sa kalayaan ibig sabihin si Rizal ang lalaban??? Siyempre hindi dahil patay na si Rizal. Pag nagpost ba ako ng picture ni Bonifacio na may hawak na itak at may caption na tuloy ang rebolusyon ibig bang sabihin ay lalaban tayong naka itak??? Symbolismo tawag dyan. Pls naman gamit naman ng COMMON SENSE. Wag mema lang. JOURNALIST KAYO DIBA?

Ang caption ko lang ay ipanalangin natin ang ating mga sundalo. Hindi ko sinabi sundalo natin yan. Hindi yan tulad ng Inquirer na gumamit ng picture at sinabing yun ay nangyayari sa Marawi.

Common sense lang na hindi sa atin yan kasi may flag sila sa vest nila. Ba’t ko ipopost na sa Pilipinas yan e may flag nga ng ibang bansa. Common sense na it is a symbolism.”

Credits to Mocha Uson

Credits to Mocha Uson

As of this writing, the post has gathered 453 shares, 5,938 reactions and 1,167 comments.

Meanwhile, Mocha’s followers perfectly understand Mocha’s predicament and defended her from critics.

Malcolm Conlan perfectly understood Mocha for using the said photo. “Regarding the photo which the Mocha Uson Blog shared to represent soldiers in Marawi, it had been made very clear by Govt agencies not to post photos of actual soldiers in action, which could compromise operations on the ground. I find that the actions of the Mocha Uson blog were entirely appropriate therefore.

Before Rappler start being critical of others, they should look at themselves. They were very selective in a news article they shared the other day, totally changing the feeling and sentiment.

ASec Mocha Uson continue doing what you are doing and have done, supporting PRRD and indeed OFW’s through your blog. Rappler are playing a dirty game when the terrible situation in Marawi, should be entirely above politics and cheap point scoring. Condolences to all those who have lost ones in Marawi and Maraming Salamat Ms Mocha Uson for all you are doing for us 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👊👊👊❤️❤️❤️

Praying for peace and order in Marawi 🙏🙏🙏”

Mot Ledesma agreed with Conlan: “FYI bawal din mag post ng actual photo ng ating kasundaluhan dahil pwede ma kompromiso ang kanilang misyon. pero yung bobong inquirer at CNN phillipines at ilang reporter ng ABS todo post parin ng actual na nangyayari sa marawi.. sila ang totoong bobo. 😂😂”

John Ryan Espinoza also agreed with Conlan: “Bobo po si rappler sir… Ndi nya alam na bawal yun… Masyado kasing nakaabang si rappler sa mga post ni ms. Mocha at iba pa para tirahin lahat ng post… Haha”

Meanwhile, Roberto Bolivar has nice advice for the Asec. “Mocha,I think you need to exercise a little bit of cautiousness & awareness before you do your final posting.We don’t want you lambasted by hypocrites & the bloody elitist bec. they hate to understand you but DDS always love,believe and understand you!!!Please take extra care no rushing always think twice,all the shit headed yellowtards waiting for your mistake bitter of your new appointment as ASEC…..God Bless and More Power to You!!!👍🏻😘🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭”

Your thoughts, please!

Source: Mocha Uson Blog


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