Egyptian blogger tells Kuwaitis amid deployment ban of Filipino maids: Stop thinking you are better than Filipinos

While critics slam Duterte’s decision to ban the deployment of Filipino maids to Kuwait, this Egyptian blogger thinks otherwise.

The Egyptian blogger named Mahmoud Tolba posted a video on Facebook telling Kuwaitis to “stop thinking you are better than Philippine.”

The more than 3-minute video message to Kuwaitis has been re-posted on the Facebook page “Kuwait Market”, gathering interest from Filipinos, more than the original post.

As of this writing, the video has gathered more than 546K views, 34,000 reactions and 43,963 shares and counting.

In the video, Mahmoud said that Filipino workers have no rights in Kuwait, low quality of service and low quality medicines.

“If you think you better than them, you are no better than them. They are very clean and hardworkers (hardworking). They have good jobs in the United States of America. Some of them are judge. Some of them are working in the UN, some of them are working in the Army, some of them are working in the FBI, some of the working in immigration systems, they are immigration officers…and I have evidence of some Kuwaiti citizens sexual and physical attack of Filipino ladies in their houses in Kuwait,” Mahmoud emphatically told Kuwaitis, who might be watching the video.

“Whenever you have a Filipino worker working for you as babysitter or a housekeeping, she has the right to dress whatever she wants whenever the family go out, whenever the kafeel family go out, whenever the sponsor family go out, she has the right to dress whatever she wants to dress because they are no better than her, she does not have to show that she is working for you. She has to feel justice, she has to fear, she has to take day offs so she can go out so she can breath fresh air. She has to find the law to protect her from her sponsor. She has to find the law to protect her from her kafeel. Some media they said only 3 percent of Filipina workers, they get sexually harassed,” Mahmoud insisted.

Mahmoud stressed the word “only 3 percent” to lament how the media tried to downplay the numbers.

Mahmoud elaborated that 3 percent is 3,000 ladies out of 100,000 is still large by any standard and unacceptable.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud applauded the Philippine government for doing a great job.

He told the Philippine government not to send anymore workers to Kuwait.

Likewise, he addressed the Filipino workers in Kuwait to go home or demand a salary raise.

Mahmoud said that KD500 is not even enough reason to leave their families and friends to work in other countries while making them rich.

Towards the end of the video, Mahmoud tells President Duterte to ban the deployment of each countries who wants to get babysitters from the Philippines.

You may watch the video now.

The Egyptian citizen Mahmoud Tolba defensing the Philippine workers and asking for them rights. He is saying to the Philippine president and other countries don’t send your workers there because they take everything from you and they give you nothing.
Share it until it reach every one all over the world.
Philippine is a great country to all have to know that. His official page in that link 👇🏻👇🏽👇👇

Posted by Kuwait Market on Thursday, February 15, 2018

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