“Eh, di WOW!” — Jay Sonza on BayanMuna leader sending his son overseas to study

Eh, di WOW!

This is the reaction of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza in light of the news circulating online about a partylist Congressman whose son study overseas.

Sonza sheepishly admitted he was not up to date with the news. He just learned that the son of Rep. Carlos Zarate is attending school abroad.

“Oops, nahuli ako sa balita. ngayon ko lang napag-alaman sa abroad pala nag-aaral ang anak ni Rep. Carlos Zarate.”

Sonza remarked that Zarate is indeed big time. Said you have to be ultra rich to send one’s kids to school abroad. He went on to give netizens an idea how much each student have to pay per semester, not including board and lodging, transportation allowance etc..

“Big time pala sila. You have to be ultra rich to send your kids to school abroad. What with the rate of US$32,000.00 (or roughly PH1.5 Million Pesos) per semester for tuition fees, excluding board and lodging, and transportation allowance and utility bills.”

Sonza did not spare Zarate’s fellow activist leaders Casino and Reyes from his pointed remarks.

“Parang mga anak ni Teddy Casino. Sa De La Salle lang naman napasok. O parang si Renato Reyes na sa ‘for members only’ S & R Mall lang naman namimili ng corned beef.”

Sonza feigned ignorance saying he wasn’t aware how wealthy the leaders of BayanMuna Party list and the Makabayan Bloc.

“I didn’t know ganoon kayayaman ang mga lider ng BayanMuna Party list and Makabayan Bloc.”

Sonza’s FB post has generated quite an engagement among his supporters. In fact, it has been shared 2,290+, reacted 8,800+ and commented 700+ as of this writing.

One netizen commented he isn’t surprise by the information shared by Sonza. “Malaki ang pork barrel ng mga partylist representative. Iba pa ung mga ghost employees na mga kamag anak at pet project.”

Another netizen remarked that these party list representatives are big time hypocrites; they are anti-US but they they prefer quality education form their children. “Literal hypocrite sila Sir Jay,anti-U.S. kuno sila pero gusto daw nila quality education sa anak nila. Eh di wow. At magkano ang sweldo ng Congressman compare sa Tuition fee sa U.S. at wala naman atang ibang hanpbuhay iyan maliban sa pagra-rally at pagiging komunista.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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