Elated Atty. Trixie shared screen-cap photo of Tribune article wherein President Putin asked President Duterte’s opinion on world politics?

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles couldn’t contain her excitement at the thought that Russian President Vladimir Putin would seek the opinion of a President Duterte, leader of a third world country, on world politics?

In a Facebook post published 6 October 2019, Angeles posted the screen-cap photo of the article from Tribune.net.Ph posted online titled, “Putin seeks Duterte’s wisdom” which reportedly which reportedly hangs because of the deluge of online traffic wanting to read the article.

In the Tribune article, President Putin asked President Duterte via the interpreter, “Can we equal the West to the East?”

“No, seriously. No joke. President Duterte, can you actually see the equality between the West to the East? The division between the West and the East, is this a thing of the past? Or it’s a natural division to have?”

The news writer from Tribune speculated that the Russian President must have been inspired by the speech of President Duterte that analyzed the diminished influence of the Western powers including the United States in the existing global order.

The Tribune writer said that President responded to Russian President Putin’s question just like what he discussed when he spoke before the Filipino community in Russia and that democracy is not a monopoly of Western Powers and that the “rest of the world are nations that are totalitarians or ruled by despots or authoritarians.”

President Duterte cited the USIS (United States Information Service) of the United States as an example wherein it has an effective campaign promoting Western ideals.

According to President Duterte, the USIS is a huge library and everybody attended there and you can see all the propaganda.

On Putin’s question if the West and East division is a thing of the past, President Duterte said there will always be a division between the West and East, culturally and financially, except for China, who has been doing great all these years, with so many dynasties. But the same cannot said of the rest of East Asia who had seen so many experiences with colonialism. That is why it is really hard to connect.

President Duterte told President Putin the need for “more social intercourse” not just at diplomatic level more people to people interactions and exchanges.

Screencap photos from Tribune.Net.Ph article.

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Source: Tribune.Net.Ph

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