Epic comment of PMA grad after reading Trillanes’ letter to AMLAC: Nakupo! Magagalit si Ms Salinas, ang PMA English 101 teacher

Senator Trillanes’ letter asking AMLAC to release the flagged transactions under Duterte’s name from 2006 onward has been the butt of ridicule on social media.

To refresh your memory, Trillanes has accused Duterte of amassing billions of pesos illegally since the 2016 election campaign.

In the early part of February 2017, Trillanes revived the allegation against Duterte and has since been trying all his might to pin down Duterte with the “billions of pesos” hatchet job to diminish Duterte’s tight grip in the bar of public opinion.

The screengrab of Trillanes’ letter is quite popular among netizens in social media but for the wrong reasons.

Retired Air Force Gen. Romeo Poquiz, a fellow PMA graduate took to Facebook to mock Trillanes for bastardizing the English language.

“Guess what’s wrong with this letter?

Maangas na ang dating, mali mali pa.
PMA graduate na, Senator of the Republic with lots of consultants pa.

Nakupo! Magagalit si Ms Salinas, ang PMA English 101 teacher namin niyan.

No wonder this wimp of a guy is not being taken seriously even by us his fellow PMAers.

Give me Koolaide, please…”

Meanwhile, La Salle professor Antonio Contreras wrote a short comment on Facebook expressing his
take on the Trillanes’ viral letter to AMLAC.

“We are in deep trouble when we have a Senator of the land who writes a letter like this.
My teacher instinct wants to get a red pen and give this letter a failing grade!”

Let us read the comments of netizens and see how they react.

Lito Ruiz remarked: “Balita ko nag PMA talaga daw yang si Sonia Trillianes pero “night school” lol. What a shame.”

Tommy Lee Jr. said: “What can we expect from a former soldier who occupy and conquer hotels (twice) instead of army headquaters? Nothing! Potato head!”

Darwin Cañete commented: “Worse. We have a PMA graduate who writes like this.”

Your thoughts, please!

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