Ex-DILG Secretary joins netizens in condemning bias media for giving a slant to old SWS “trust rating” report

The bias media strikes again!

This is how the netizens reacted to the recent banner headline of various news organizations showing President-elect Duterte getting a low net trust rating of 26% compared to the VP-elect Leni Robredo, who got a 45% trust rating as per SWS (Social Weather Station) survey.

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However, it was later revealed that the SWS survey was conducted in the period from May 1-3, more or less a week before the May 9 election.

The supporters of President-elect Duterte couldn’t help but speculate that the “trust rating issue” is a diversion to deflect the attention of the people to the controversy over the non-filing of the Statements of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) of the Liberal Party which pundits believe could have an effect on VP-elect Robredo and a couple of LP senators.

One of the known personalities who reacted adversely to the deliberate act of the print media and other news organizations to put a spin on an old survey report was former DILG Secretary Raffy Alunan, who is also a solid Duterte supporter. Check out his recent take on the “trust rating” controversy below.

Of what value is a pre-May 9 poll reported today when the real poll was the votes cast on May 9? What is the media trying to pull?
The May 9 poll results are even in question. Bets are being laid that if a recount is ordered, votes of Du30 will soar while the VP race results will change hands.

Dr. Antonio Contreras of LaSalle questioned the timing of the publication of an old survey report and quote:

The belated frenzy by mainstream media in publishing a dated pre-election trust rating and presenting it as a credible baseline appears to be of dubious timing.

Where was the media when the exit polls by the same survey firm showed Marcos winning by a comfortable margin?

Netizen Manuel Aquino Perlas wrote:

This one is to help justify the cheating.

Myra GR wrote:

Yes exactly my thoughts .. Another mind manipulation by the financiers of these rouge media

Tgp Jhonskie agrees with former Secretary Alunan and wrote:

SwS result are not the true voice of the 16M who voted for Pres.Duterte it’s as simple as that….so no need to compare or base it with this kind of survey….Tama si Sir Raffy, the May 9 votes are the real deal!

Rafael S Diaz Jr blasted the bias media and wrote:

The newspaper made it appear in the headline as if it is a current survey data. Tangna, pre-election data pala. There was even a news article 2 weeks ago that was titled “Bank loses P0.7million from a Duterte Donation Scam”. If you don’t read the story, it will make you think it was a scam from the camp of Duterte. These newspapers are misinforming the people to destroy Duterte.

What is your take on the issue?

Source: Raffy Alunan


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