Ex-shabu runner implicates Zamboanga Sibugay mayor in illegal drug trade

Hours before President Duterte announces the 27 local executives involved in the illegal drug trade, a former shabu runner jump the gun on the President.

Retired shabu runner implicates a sitting Mayor in Zamboanga Sibugay in the illegal drug trade out of fear for his life.

The video is posted on the Facebook Page “Diwata sa Balete” and has been viewed 17,000 times as of Wednesday morning since it was uploaded yesterday, August 2, 2016.

A man who introduced himself as “Rai-rai Gerado” implicated a town mayor as the drug lord in the sleepy town of Roseller T. Lim.

The former shabu runner said he got his supply of shabu from the right-hand man of Mayor Piodena identified as Andoy Delfin.

He said he used to distribute shabu in the barangays comprising the town of Roseller T. Lim namely Kulambugan, Ali Alsree, Malubal and many other barangays.

The former shabu runner revealed that they did all the repacking allegedly in the house of Andoy Delfin in Barangay Kulambugan. He said he would dispose of up to 1 kilo of shabu in a given day.

Occasionally, the Mayor would compliment him for doing a fine job in repacking the illegal drugs when the sales are exceptionally brisk.

As a consequence of a being the top salesman of the Mayor, he said his name made it to PDEA’s watchlist. He worried about it but Andoy Delfin assured him that the local police are on their side.

However, when he realized that his station if life has not improved while his handler and the Mayor are getting richer, he decided to walk away from his illegal activity and migrate to Zamboanga City where he took a different job.

When his name has been dragged in Surabay, a barangay in Roseller T. Lim, as the leading distributor of shabu, he went home from Zamboanga City to clear his name by confronting his former handler, Andoy Delfin, the Mayor’s right hand-man.

The sour relationship between the former comrades turned for the worse when Andoy Delfin told him that the camp of the Mayor could have him killed for fear he might turn against them.

When he returned to Zamboanga City, he said he saw people tailing him, forcing him to transfer residence from time to time.

Fearing for his life, he decided to do a tell-all video before the hired killers will get him.

Piodena Drug Trade

Panoorin nyo ang kalakalan ng droga sa RT Lim. Panoorin nyo ang DROGA ni Mayor Piodena!

From the house of Mayor Piodena to the house of Andoy Delfin.

Posted by Diwata Sa Balete on Monday, August 1, 2016

In fairness to the Mayor of Roseller T. Lim, his name was not mentioned by President Duterte in his last announcement regarding the local executives involved in the illegal drug trade whether as a protector or involved in illegal drug trade per se.

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