Exclusive: OTS provides incentive, airport screener receives money for every confiscated ‘bullet’

OTS provides incentive

In a an exclusive report by Jun Veneracion of GMA News, it was revealed that the Office of Transportation Security provides an incentive system for airport security personnel to boost the morale of its employees.

In a memorandum issued by the OTS on June 3, 2015, the memo announces the incentive system providing financial rewards to deserving OTS personnel who apprehend contraband goods in the airport.

To boost the welfare and morale of the OTS personnel, there is a need to grant/reward our personnel, particularly screening officers (SSOs) performing security functions at different airport security points.

Thee memo states that for every explosives, weapons, stunning devices, illegal drugs and other prohibited items apprehended by the airport screener, he or she shall receive 1,000 pesos and five hundred pesos for other prohibited items.

Reward system provided by OTS

Memo nnouncing the incentives to OTS employees

The memorandum was signed by the OTS Administrator Commodore Roland Recomono and Assistant Administrator Roberto Almadin.

This was followed by a well-defined memorandum on July 8, 2015. The memo states that an airport security screener needs to apprehend one prohibited item to get a one thousand peso reward. However, the memo states that an airport security screener needs to confiscate 5 bullets a month to get the one thousand peso reward.

Assistant Administrator Roberto Almadin confirmed the existence of the memo, but he was quick to asks the general public not to put malice on the said memo.

Almadin said only two or three people received the reward since the memorandum was issued. Hence, he is asking the people not to connect the ‘tanim-bala’ modus to the reward system at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

However, Spocky Farolan, lawyer of the OFW Gloria Ortinez victimized by the ‘tanim-bala’ told Jun Veneracion that reward system of OTS raises suspicion in the eyes of the public.

This is creating suspicion. One, the fact that it was not really made this thing public. Second, the policy itself might have unintentionally created a situation where their personnel are enticed to create that situation, which would earn for them that reward.

Earlier, President Aquino told the media that the ‘tanim-bala’ incidents was blown out of proportion by the people with vested interest to make his administration look bad in the general public.

What is your opinion about this new revelation?

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