Facebook blogger warns Leni Robredo to behave after election success of administration bets. Read why!

President Duterte has once again expressed his desire to step down from office because he is tired and wants to enjoy his retirement.

However, PRRD’s love for country is greater than his personal comfort that is why he isn’t making good of his threat because he does not want to surrender his post to Leni Robredo and the opposition.

This is the sentiment of Facebook blogger Josh Gonzales in his latest Facebook post.

Gonzales remarked the only time President Duterte isn’t stepping down yet because Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest versus Leni Robredo hangs in the air.

However, looking at the composition of both houses of Congress and PRRD’s political allies have increased after the numbers of opposition dwindled after suffering two consecutive electoral defeats plus in the Supreme Court, impeaching Leni Robredo can be executed with ease now compared to the pre-2019 election.

His advice to Leni? Behave Leni behave!

You may read Josh Gonzales full FB post now.

em>You know what I am seeing now? Duterte has been vocal about his wants of stepping down countless times because he’s tired and just wants to come home but can’t since as the president, he carries the world on his shoulder. But come to think of it.

Duterte ain’t stepping down because once he did, Leni will take over. He doesn’t want that. Even I, don’t want that. Just thinking about Leni becoming president is a horrendous situation to consider. However, Bongbong Marcos has an electoral protest against Leni and once it got proven that Marcos really won, he’ll be the legitimate VP and Leni has to step down. Once she does, Duterte MIGHT also do that and as a result, Marcos MAY or MAY NOT be the president. There were even rumors before saying it was the original plan. The fact that 14 million filipinos voted for Bongbong last 2016, and nearly 16 million voted for her sister Imee, are enough proof that the Marcoses return to power is possible, and they just did. Just the two consecutive elections showing the voters giving a Marcos a senate seat instead of an Aquino is a one big slap.

On the other side of the coin, Duterte has so many political allies both in Senate, House of Representatives and who knows, maybe even in the supreme Court. Majority of oppositions lost in two consecutive elections and majority of senatorial candidates who won were Duterte-allied figures. It is much easier to impeach Leni anytime now. One wrong move, and she’s out. So behave.

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