FB blogger spots several red flags of Trillanes highly-touted evidence versus “Bikoy”, says she could have done it better with P40-budget

Just recently, outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV launched a desperate counter-offensive versus Peter Joemel “Bikoy” Advincula, in the hope of dissuading the controversial whistleblower from cooperating with the NBI probe.

I assumed you’ve already read PTN’s previous post wherein a video courtesy of the PDI showed Trillanes presented a printed copy of the SMS messages allegedly from “Bikoy” as proof that he was not involved in the Duterte ouster plot. [Link here]

However, Facebook blogger “The Political Labandera” acted the spoiler’s role, calling Trillanes press con “yawn-inspiring” while describing the evidences presented as “low-budget”.

The Political Labandera boasted she can do this with a P40 production cost only to buy a new SIM card.

Basically, the The Political Labandera noted 4 glaring red flags of the Trillanes show that should raise suspicions even the non-experts.

For example, the name BIKOY appeared in the printed copy of the text messages when Trillanes admitted he met “Bikoy” only twice and referred him as ADVINCULA in previous statements.

For more details, you may read “The Political Labandera’s” full FB post now.

And SPEAKING of Sonny Boy Trillanes’ so-called “creativity”…these alleged “BIKOY TEXT MESSAGES” he presented during his yawn-inspiring presscon yesterday, are just positively LOW BUDGET!!! SYET.

I can do this with a “production cost” of 40 pesos only! My GHAAAAD! Pangbili lang ng SIM! Nyeta.

And the red flags are everywhere here. The name “BIKOY”. Wow. How creative noh? Sonny said he met Advincula twice (August 2018 & February 2019) and he knew him then as just PJ Advincula, not “Bikoy”. Soooo, why is this sim tag cp number under “Bikoy”. Would’ve been wee bit credible if the name was Advincula’s, db? At least. Walang naka-isip? Syet.

Next red flag, why only time stamps? If these are archived messages way back 2018 and early 2019, there should be DATE STAMPS GALORE!!!! PUNYEMAS! Gagawa-gawa Naman Lang ng fake, Hindi pa inayos ng MASYADO! Hindi ba uso ang word na “plantsado” sa Kabilang Parlor? Ay, AMBOT!

Next-next red flag, notice ninyo? Parang nagmo- MONOLOGUE si “Bikoy” na kausap ang isang paring WALANG PANGALAN. Hindi man lang talaga nabangit name ni Padre? Not once? Not even nickname lang sana? WALEY. Sinong pari na yan? Si Padre Guni-guni?

At ITO ang PINAKA-glaring na red flag kahapon sa mga churva ni Trillanes. He DID NOT VOLUNTARILY SUBMIT TO AUTHORITIES HIS COMMUNICATION DEVICES (oo, I meant, cellphone nya! Gusto ko lang isulat communication devices kasi trip ko! Angal?) for Digital Forensics. Paano ba i-investigahan ang xerox copy? Paano ba isasailalim sa forensics ang PAPEL???? ABER?? PAANO?!!!

Remember, nasa NBI na ang cellphone and laptop ni PJ Advincula. Pati na rin mga communication gadgets ni Rodel Jayme nasa custody na nga mga autoridad. Paano kung wala o Hindi magtugma ang mga nandun sa mga pinagsasabi ni Trililing kahapon?

Creative talaga si Sonny Boy, ano???

Asan na si Manang Ellen? Tanong ko sana kung “professionally done” ang presentation ni Sonny kahapon. Baka Riveting na Naman eh ano? 😂😂😂

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