FB post calls out Rappler for bias reporting, news website explored Chong-Marcos link but ignored Sardillo-Drilon-Robredo link?

Rappler, a bias news website? This is not new. The news website have been very clear from the get-go that they are anti-Duterte, anti-Marcos and anti-GMA.

The FB page “Deconstructed Media” ranted on Facebook against Rappler for showing their anti-Marcos leanings in yesterday’s senate hearing on election fraud when they tried but failed to connect Tanggulang Demokrasya’s Glenn Chong, who happens to be the bravest voice to take the Comelec-Smartmatic syndicate head on by exposing election fraud to the public to Bongbong Marcos.

If you watch the video below, a mysterious woman approached Drilon during the senate hearing and handed Drilon a piece of paper.

Immediately, Drilon, armed with the piece paper from the mysterious lady, proceeded to confront Chong about his alleged connection to Bongbong Marcos.

That piece of paper was actually a letter from a Marcos’s lawyer inviting Chong as one of Marcos counsels.

Chong calmly parried Drilon’s allegation and emerged victorious in the short verbal exchange between a veteran (Drilon) and and not so veteran Chong.

Please click the link here to watch the video.

Moving forward, Rappler went on to insinuate that Chong works for Bongbong Marcos although it was already denied by the former under oath in the senate hearing that even Drilon pursued Rappler’s story but quit when he realized he already hit a wall.

This is where “Deconstructed Media” rant’s coming from since Rappler, for all intents and purposes was only interested in pursuing the Chong-Marcos angle but ignored the Drilon-Robredo connection via the mysterious lady who handed the senator a piece of paper, which you can see in the video above.

Please read the post below for details.


Earlier today, Glenn Chong delivered one of the most one sided beating in the Senate – exposing Comelec & Smartmatic and their involvement in the 2016 Election fraud.

Sa tatlong oras na hearing ng Committee, kung saan pinatunayan ni Glenn Chong ang mga EARLY TRANSIMISSIONS noong May 8 palang – AT WALANG NAISAGOT ANG SMARTMATIC AT COMELEC, nagdecide ang blogger site na Rappler na ito nalang ang isulat.

This exchange literally took 20 seconds to happen.

Glenn Chong, being under oath, told them that he is not, was not a counsel of Bongbong Marcos.

Or is Rappler implying that Glenn Chong is lying under oath?

May caption pang nalalaman na “he denies being a Marcos representative and SUPPORTER”. Camille Elemia, saan mo nakuha yung dinedeny ni Glenn Chong na supporter siya? Is there a direct quote in the article? Or during the hearing?

Make the HEADLINE BIG and then may safety disclamer sa baba na, “Glenn Chong denies it, he was nominated but he did not accept it” para lang paniguradong walang sabit.

Ms. Elemia, if the allegation has been answered already, by Mr. Glenn Chong under oath, it was accepted by Senator Drilon and was not pursued anymore because the matter has been clarified, there is no need for this NOISE.

Walang kakwenta-kwentang balita para lang ma-connect si Chong kay Marcos.

Yung EARLY TRANSMISSION ba rineport mo?

Click bait. Maka headline lang.

Anyway, you should also acknowledge who handed Mr. Drilon that piece of paper. Fair reporting diba? Si Glenn Chong nga at Marcos pilit mong kino-connect, ito na nasa harap mo si Sardillo at Drilon. Yes, Robredo lawyer Bernadette Sardillo.

Is she using Drilon’s office to block Glenn Chong’s expose on Smartmatic and Comelec? Maybe you should write about that dear.

Your reaction?

Source: Deconstructed Media

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