FB post explains why President Duterte will go to war with Canada, mum on China territorial dispute issue

President Duterte’s public pronouncement he will go to war against Canada if they don’t take back their trash has been met with strong criticism from Senator Pangilinan on Twitter.

Gigiyerahin ang Canada dahil sa basura pero walang imik sa China sa pagpapalusot ng iligal na droga at pagsakop sa ating mga isla. Weh.

Pangilinan’s tweet has been liked more than 1,800 times and retweeted more than 400 times more than 24 hours after the senator wrote the tweet.

Of course, Pangilinan’s supporters cheered on Pangilinan for speaking out versus PRRD.

Netizen Rose son @rosaliecastardo replied to @kikopangilinan
Hahaha nice SenKiko…..same reaction po weh hindi nga! Kwento niya sa pagong!

Netizen maria clara@sisaisagani replied to @kikopangilinan
nakakatawa ang baliw! gyerahin daw ang canada. pag china, tameme at bahag ang buntot. dont us 😂😂😂

Meanwhile, Noel Landero Sarifa, a staunch Duterte supporter, strongly defended PRRD for his “I will go to war against Canada statement”, saying the President simply want to stress to Canada he wants to be taken seriously on the trash issue.

However, in case war breaks out versus Canada, the Philippines can win versus Canada Sarifa wrote, if China and Russia were on our side.

Sarifa remarked that PRRD isn’t going to war with China because of WPS for reasons the country can’t afford a war with China which is becoming a world economic leader and its defense or shall we say, military might.

Sarifa admonished Filipinos to stop being clingy with the Americans because the American era is waning versus China and Russia who are rising.

On one hand, Sarifa asserted that being friends with China does not mean we are giving up our territories to them.

Rather, Sarifa said the country is simply more welcoming to China, just like how we treat the Americans.

Sarifa ended the post saying that he guessed PRRD sees a brighter future with China and Russia than with the US.

If we are looking for friends, it is better to choose someone capable to defend you not just now but in the future.

You may read Noel Landero Sarifa’s full post below.

Duterte said he will declare war with Canada if hindi nila kukunin and basura nila dito sa Pilipinas. Bakit nga ba matapang si Duterte sa Canada and hindi nya kayang gawin to sa China, simply because my president, our president is not stupid.

Can we really go to war with Canada? Can we win? With China and Russia on our side, yes we can. Does he means literally go to war? No, he means serious business for Canada to remove their trash.

So why can’t Duterte be firm and go against China with WPS. Well simply because we can’t afford to do that. China is becoming a world leader in Economy and its defense.

Filipino needs to removed the mindset of being too clingy with Americans. May kultura kasi tayong masyadong inaidolize and americans, mahilig kasi tayong kumapit sa sikat at big time. Hard to swallow but true. Well, people of the Philippines you need to wake up. US seems to be stagnant and their growth is at its peak, China and Russia is Rising. Combine that two country as your ally, then you are indispensable. If you are not an Asian Country, going to a war with one of it’s members means going to a war with the whole of ASIA. Here are good reasons why we need to Ally with Russia and China.

– Russia have 7 500 warheads for Nuclear weapons which is greater than of USA that only has 7 200 warheads

– China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the world’s largest-standing force is 2.3 million strong.

– A War with China means a war with Asia

– Geographically, it is more advantageous for the Philippines to be an ally of it’s neighboring country( China and Russia) or else we will just be a shield or a war zone area.

– In every 5 person in the world, one is Chinese. That’s a fact, Chinese is not invading Philippines, they are doing a world invasion. Either you go with them or die against them.

– Australia’s parliament passed new laws to prevent foreign interference in the country, which was widely seen as targeting China.

Being friends with China does not mean ipamimigay na natin ang territoryo natin. It simply means that we need to be more welcoming with them just like how we are with Americans, Koreans and other nationalities. If they become abusive then we need to protect our land, just like any foreigner who would go against the by laws of our land. Kasama na natin ang mga Chinese since time immemorial. Parang di kayo nag-aral ng history, bago nyo pa nalasahan ang mga hamburger at french fries, may mga Chinese na sa Pilipinas. Bago pa kayo naging Katoliko nakikipagtrade na tayo sa China. Kung wala ang Chinese sa pilipinas, wala kayong malls, di nyo alam yang ate at kuya, di nyo matitikman ang pansit, love it or hate it, their blood runs in our blood.

I guess Duterte sees that the future is more brighter for China and Russia than with US. Kung maghahanap ka lang din ng kakampi dun na sa alam mong, mas may kakayanang ipagtanggol ka, hindi lang ngayon kundi hanggang bukas.

Noel Landero Sarifa

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