Fearless Manila Bulletin writer strongly bats for Federalism to end EDSA & Metro Manila traffic woes in one stroke?

Traffic is one of the ills that comes with urbanization any where in the world.

As the population grows, in highly urbanized cities like Metro Manila, the demand for transportation to move people and goods from point A to point B also increases.

When the government fails to meet the demand for public transportation by building new roads and additional mass transport system, people are left with no other choice but to buy cars or anything with wheels to help them move around the city.

Manila Bulletin writer brilliantly explains the relationship between the traffic in Metro Manila and urbanization.

Chu did not stop here. She cleverly used the EDSA traffic to justify Federalism as solution to Metro Manila’s traffic woes.

You may start reading Krizette Laureta Chu’s FB post below.

Good morning sa mga stuck in traffic ngayon.

Sobrang lala na? You know why?

Because while we haven’t built major roads in the last few decades, there are more and more people in Manila, who are here to work and live and play because our own provinces are boring and/or offer nothing to us, so we’re all making siksik in the big city because the jobs are here, the malls are here, maybe even our love lives are here, you know.

In 1960, the population of Metro Manila was at 2 million (which is less than the population of current Quezon City, which is at 3 million.)

Fast forward now, and we are nearly 13 million strong in the city. 11 million nadagdag.

May nadagdag na major roads? Wala. Madaming nadagdag na tao at sasakyan.

Short of constructing more roads and more train routes and adding more trains, with this mega city bursting at the seams, what can be done so we don’t suffer this morning’s very bad traffic?

Federalism, mga bes.

Federalism allows my Leyte, her Samar, your Bicol, to grow and thrive in proportion to our incomes, so that we don’t descend into Manila like hungry locusts. Our output is funneled back to us, so that Manila is decentralized. Our states are given leeway to create their own economic zones and other investor friendly packages so we can build more establishments factories and plants in our regions. This will in turn make people stay in their regions as well as make others return.

Please consider federalism while you’re cursing Grace Poe for not giving the President emergency powers to deal with this a long time ago.

Let’s go Federalism and see your life change.


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