February 25 EDSA rally, a street referendum between the Yellows & Duterte? If they fail, hell awaits them says journalist

Jojo Robles is one of the few political analysts whose political lens remains untainted with the yellow fever that has chewed on the system of other newspaper writers.

So when he writes something on Facebook to express his take on political matters, everybody should pay attention, especially those who wants to read fair assessment of our political climate. Otherwise, go somewhere else.

Yesterday, he tackled the issue of the Feb. 25 Edsa rally and he has something interesting to share to the social media people that is worth reading.

Robles said he actually agree with the mindset of the Yellows in turning the Feb. 25 Edsa rally as a street referendum. That means, the people have to choose between Duterte and his mass supporters and the Yellow LP representing the elite political class.

However, if they fail to gather the critical mass, they should be ready to face the wrath of the 16 million or more Duterte supporters.

I actually agree with the Yellows who are seeking to make the Feb. 25 Edsa rally a street referendum, as it were, of their twin goals to bring down Duterte and to reinstate their faction as the dominant political class. But they must understand that, if they fail to bring out the warm bodies that they need to validate their existence, there is going to be hell to pay for that, as well.

I understand that the Yellows need to prove to the people (and to themselves) that they are still a force to reckon with and that Duterte’s presence in Malacanang is an aberration that they can correct.

Besides, if Duterte is somehow removed from office, he will be replaced by Vice President Leni Robredo – a true creation of the Aquino dynasty who is, the Yellows hope, not going to be a traitor to the forces that worked to install her to the presidency like Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was in 2001.

The streets are the only legal venue left for the Yellows to use in their quest to regain their base of elitists and elite wannabes. If they fail on Saturday, they will be forced to try other, equally familiar but bloodier methods, like actual rebellion.

To the Yellows, I say: Bring it on. Do your worst.

You will still not prevail.

What is your take on this? Do you agree with Jojo Robles’s view?  Please comment below.



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