Fellow AFP reservist to Dingdong Dantes: ‘Keep your opinion to yourself. A soldier only talks when asked.’

GMA 7 actor Dingdong Dantes has spoken against the recently signed anti-terrorism bill calling the law brings fear to the people.

A great philosopher once said that our Constitution guaranteed each Filipino the freedom of speech or the right to speak even speaking against the government or its policy, like the anti-terror bill. But, in the case of Dingdong Dantes, this is not acceptable according to a netizen named Ulysses Ignacio.

In a Facebook post published less than 24 hours ago, Ignacio believed that Dantes is in hot water for criticizing the anti-terror bill and the government per se.

A quick look at the Facebook profile of Ignacio tells us that he was an ex-PAF pilot and now a pilot of one of the commercial airlines in the Philippines.

Ignacio wrote: ‘Dingdong i have a message for you.’

Ignacio continued by giving readers a background of his involvement with the government’s anti-terrorism initiatives.

‘Way back 2004 ako sampu ng mga opisyal ng AFP under the Office of the President ay binuo ang Office of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force (ATTF). Layunin ang pag ibayuhin ang kampanya ng pamahalan laban sa terorismo.’

Ignacio remarked that as a reservist, Dingdong Dantes must support the government instead of criticizing or opposing its policy. Otherwise, it onlyu shows that him being a reservist isn’t real or unripe and his foundation as a Navy reserve is shallow.

‘Bilang isang reservist, as you claim to be. Dapat sumuporta ka sa program ng gobyerno hindi kontrahin ito. It only shows na hilaw pagiging reservists mo at mababaw ang foundation mo bilang Navy Reserve.’

Ignacio said that the AFP has a spokesperson. Meaning, he alone can speak on matters like the anti-terrorism law in behalf of the members of the AFP. For commenting on the anti-terrorism law, Ignacio remarked that Dingdong is violating the protocol by branding his reserve status at the same time being a civilian and actor at that. Ignacio told Dingdong to shut up because he is well-covered by a court martial.

‘May spokesperson ang AFP at you’re violating the protocol by branding your reserve status at the same time being a civilian, an actor at that. You are well covered by a court martial kaya shut the hell up.’

Ignacio ended the FB post with an advice to actor Dingdong Dantes, ‘Keep your opinion to yourself. A soldier only talks when asked.’

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Source: Ulysses Ignacio

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