Female British tourist recounts creepy encounter with perv Airbnb landord in Makati and much more…

Airbnb is a popular online marketplace among travelers looking for a cheap but homey accommodation while traveling in foreign countries.

A traveling female British traveler took to Airbnb to find a place to stay while visiting Manila recently with her friend.

To make the story short, she and a male friend rented 2 bedrooms at 10th floor Citadel Inn Tower, in Makati owned by a foreigner who introduced himself as Allan.

According to Danni, her friend lost some cash after the thief forcibly entered the room. When they watched the CCTV video, they were in for a shock after learning who the culprit was.

Credits to Danni Georgina

Credits to Danni Georgina

Credits to Danni Georgina

Credits to Danni Georgina

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Oh my god !!!!!!!! Fucking weirdo!!!! !!!!!! So we’re staying at an Airbnb in Manila and the guy who owns the room owns all 18 rooms on this floor. We had 2 rooms opposite eachother , left our bags & suitcases in one room and stayed in the other.

Today we get up, around 12, and the Airbnb host had messaged me on whatsapp at 8:40AM (remember this time!!) asking “hey is everything all good?”. We go to the other room to get our stuff & money but the door is locked… even tho we left it unlocked.

So I was messaged the guy for ages with no reply. Then, we finally managed to break into the room
We go in our room and realise our money had been stolen from inside Mats wallet which was inside his bag. Luckily we didn’t have too much, & Nothing else was gone.

Finally the dude replies & comes to speak to us. He tells us this bullshit story that apparently this morning, at 8:40, he saw the room with our bags in “wide open” so he ‘locked it for us’!! (Hence texting me). He said that maybe the wind opened it even tho all our windows was shut, and he said maybe one of the builders or painters opened the door and stole our money, even tho this is a private floor so no one would have any reason to be here.

Just wait cos this gets really fucking weird…

We don’t believe his crap cos he seems like a weirdo so we ask the reception to see the CCTV.
Finally after 2 hours they let us watch the CCTV and oh my god!!!!

turns out that all the peep holes in the door are removable from the outside… and we see him take it out & look in our room whilst we was sleeping!!! This happens on like 4 different occasions from 9:30 am – 10:30 am. Way after he sent the text! You can clearly see the bed from the peep hole and I was fully naked. He was staring through the hole for so long!! We couldn’t see clearly cos the camera is in a weird angle but fuck knows he could have been taking photos and shit as he told us he’s a “photographer” before.

Once he was sure we were asleep, he takes the peep hole out of the other door with our bags in, to make sure no one is in there. Then he opens our door and spends about 3 minutes inside. He comes out, locks it and walks away whilst putting something into his pockets.

He proceeds to take the peep hole out of 2 other doors that have guests asleep in, staring inside like a fukin creep. So clearly when he text me at 8:40 was to make sure I was asleep before coming! But he said he did this AFTER he saw the “door open” which is a total lie. Ps just want to mention that he’s stuffed the peep holes on all the rooms from the INSIDE with toilet paper, meaning no guests can see out. Only HE can see in when he removes it.

Now he’s busted and I’ve sent him messages saying we watched everything he did and he’s not replying!!!

I’m sooo creeped out right now and absolutely disgusted. No idea what to do!! Help
** this was at 10th floor citadel inn tower, makati! His name is allan.

Danni Georgina’s story shocked netizens and condemned the act of the landlord in the comment’s section.

Ana James remarked: “Make sure you write an air BnB review about that creep or find some sort of air BnB complaint page to warn others about him!! The fact that you caught him might deter him from doing this to others …. for a little while. I would STILL knock on every door and tell people what he did. I’m petty like that lol. But he also probably stole from them and watched them too. His story about making sure people check out is such BS…. ever heard of knocking on the door?!?”

George Nacpil commented: “what a fuckin retard! please report this to police! i hope many Pinoy will share this! This is fuckin disgusting! Do you have a photo of this evil allan?”

H├ázel Lynne said: “Ring the police and contact airbnb you never know what he could try next time and you have proof he’s done it on cctv x”

Danni updated her post made several clarification. First, the landlord is not a Filipino.

Wow didn’t realise how many people commented !! And how many questions! I’ll answer some of the main ones; the guy is not phillipino I think he’s either French or Italian I can’t remember. He owns the 10th floor of citadel inn tower ! His personal room number is 3301. I will make a online report to the police as we leave Manila in approx 3 hours. And I’m going to call Airbnb as soon as I arrive in England because I don’t have Phillipines SIM card! Thanks for everyone’s help I really appreciate it. We love Phillipines and will deffo return!

Second, the landlord gave them a refund.

“We got a full refund & the money he stole back!!! Plus some more lol. He was hiding from us but we found him and he was so guilty!! His excuse still remained “we look in the hole for guests that don’t check out at time” except he claims he looked in the hole at 9:30… and check out isn’t until 12. Getting out of here now!!!”

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