Female doctor’s highly emotional Facebook post urging netizens to rally behind Duterte amidst destabilization talks goes viral

As the Yellows intensify their destabilization efforts against president Duterte, a post asking supporters to close ranks and protect him circulates online.

A highly emotional Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, Assistant Secretary to the DSWD, tells Duterte supporters that the need to protect the President more than ever from the powerful people whom he has made enemies is now.

Badoy argued that history is on the side of the powerful enemies of Duterte, who have lorded over not just in politics but also in the economic aspect of the lives of Filipinos for so long.

Badoy remarked that history has taught the powerful that the abuse they heap on the most vulnerable in our society goes unpunished.

Badoy added that its true History is a powerful ally butt more powerful than history is an awakened citizenry. And many of us are awake now.

You may read the full post below.

I’ll tell you why we must close ranks and protect our President: he has made such powerful powerful enemies. Enemies that we have never, in our entire history, ever defeated.


The oligarchs, the ones who have owned our country for all time—well, we have never defeated them.

History is on their side. And history is a powerful ally.

They’re the ones who have sat in office for all time.

The hacienderos and capitalists who have dictated just how much it is the ordinary Filipino can earn in a day — the ones who have treated us no better than dirt—looked at our brothers and sisters, the indigenous people, as nothing more than slaves they could do the outrage of paying 38 pesos a week for the pleasure of tilling their fields and then when found out, they can just shrug and walk away. Ready to do this same outrage another day.

They know they can walk away unscathed because they have been walking away for all time from crimes they’ve committed against the poorest of the poor with not even a slap on their wrists.

This is what history has taught them: they stand on solid ground when they expect that the abuse they heap on the vulnerable will go unpunished.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the first Philippine president who has taken them on.

Named them and shamed them.

And ordered them to pay taxes they owe our country where before they were untouchable.

Something no other president has ever done. And why should they when these presidents were elitists themselves who enjoyed the protection of the imperialist overlords?

So we must close ranks with our President. We MUST have his back. We are his strength and his power.

While it is true that we have never, before, defeated these powerful enemies of the Filipino people and that history is on their side, I believe we have reached that point in our country’s story when all that’s needed to attain victory is in our hands.

History is a powerful ally, this is true. But more powerful than history is an awakened citizenry. So many of us are awake now.

We have FINALLY reached tipping point. I feel it. I feel the wave of destiny carrying us to a place we have never been to before. This place we have only dreamed of and talked about for so long.

All that we have ever hoped to be is finally coming true.


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