Fil-Am blogger trounces Yellowturd in twitter debate on question whether Duterte lied about Union Bank $ account

Was Union Bank founded in 1982 or when he graduated from college sometime in the 1970’s as President Duterte claimed?

Caloy Conde, a former journalist, thought he had an ace up his sleeve against the President took to Twitter debunking Duterte’s earlier statement that since college, he already has dollars in his Union Bank account.

“Duterte says his Union Bank account has $ he’s had since college. He graduated 1972. Union Bank founded in 1982. #LiePaMore”

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Gabriel Gonzales, a Duterte critic, picked up a fight with Edwin Jamora, a US-based blogger and an accountant, by tagging the latter in his tweet echoing Caloy Conde’s tweet relative to Union Bank.

The feisty and very witty Jamora responded with a terse response that completely destroys the argument of Caloy Conde and company.

Meanwhile on Facebook, Jamora took it further and annihilated Gabriel Gonzales borrowed argument totally!

Hoy! Ikaw Gabriel, mas IJIT ka! They incorporated in 68 but started operating as a Saving Bank. It was only in 82 when they became a universal bank! Hindi mo siguro alam deprensya nun?

When I was at Aquinas, and Teresa Sangalang can attest to this, a simple SEC registration allowed us to start a Cooperative functioning as a Savings Bank. Korek ba ako ateng?

Let us read the comments below in reaction to the annihilation of Gabriel Gonzales in social media.

Amy Charity Emiatz Teo Tuldanes remarked: “nahulog ang sentido kumon sa lupa, naapakan pa. LOL!”

Rowena Luz Togonon commented: “Kabobo nmn nya kamahalan ikaw ba papayag, 68 ngincorporate yung bank tas operational na sya in 82??? Ano bng mga transaksyon from 68-82? …. dpt lng after maincorporate, mg operate kaagad, though as saving bank…”

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