Fil-Am lawyer conveys continued support for Duterte despite regrettable incident with Obama, USA

A Fil-Am lawyer expresses his continued support for Duterte amidst the diplomatic brouhaha as a result of the alleged Duterte tirade against Obama.

In a video shared online, Atty. Adnan Alonto, overall North American coordinator for the Brotherhood for Duterte USA conveyed his continued support for the Philippines president because he said the US-RP relations go beyond that regrettable incident.

When asked by the reporter if the Duterte remarks could affect the RP-US relations, here’s what Atty. Alonto says on the matter…

Absolutely not. US-Philippine relations go beyond this very regrettable incident. I think President Duterte just wanted to drive home the point that he will pursue an independent foreign policy for the Philippines.

He continued…

Our strategic interest with the US in the region will keep us together and the incident will I believed just being a small footnote in the years to come.

Atty. Alonto laments that the media are so focused on Duterte’s choice of words, instead of what was really being said.

He did actually curse Obama but it was part of a narrative in answer to a hypothetical question if Obama will raise the extra-judicial killings issue.

Although Atty. Alonto agrees that Duterte could have use a better choice of words.

However, he was still proud of what he said.

The important thing in that statement is that he was really emphatic of a being a leader of a very sovereign nation and that he would be told how to run his country.

The reporter says that Duterte is known to speak his mind freely. He said that Atty. Alonto reminds the people it’s because of President Duterte’s honesty why he is so trusted.

The thing about this President, the reason why he has been able to go scot-free all those incidences, its because people know, people would know him, ah 91 percent of the Filipino people believes that he is an authentic president. He means what he says, he says what he means!

Before the interview ends, Atty. Alonto says he is disappointed the Duterte-Obama did not meet. However, he is confident that they will have a productive engagement when they finally do.

Video courtesy of ABS-CBN North America:

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