Fil-Chinese businessman backed down from interview with Rappler reporter because he felt scandalized. Find out why!

Rappler has been tagged as an anti-Duterte newspaper because their write-ups has always been critical of Duterte ever since the election campaign period.

When Duterte emerged victorious in the 2016 presidential election, Rappler wanted to write a story about the financial contributors of Duterte’s election campaign kitty so they seek out someone, a Filipino-Chinese businessman, with strong ties to the Fil-Chinese business groups.

The Fil-Chinese businessman described the Rappler reporter’s approach to him as scandalous to say the least.

As a result, the Fil-Chinese businessman decided to call of the interview, leaving the Rappler reporter hanging in the air. To find out how Rappler turned off the businessman, please read the full story as narrated by journalist Jojo Robles on Facebook.

 “My current favorite Rappler story has to do with a reporter from the outfit who sought an interview right after the elections with a Filipino-Chinese trader with excellent ties to the Fil-Chi business groups.

The reporter minced no words: Who gave Duterte money? What did he promise these funders? He can’t have won without Fil-Chi money, right?

Told that Duterte didn’t get any funding from the ethnic Chinese traders, the reporter was insistent. There must be “chismis” going around that you’re not telling me, she said. I want to get the dirt on Duterte’s funders. You can talk to me off the record, she promised.

The businessman was scandalized. What kind of story was this woman writing and why was she insisting that I make something out of nothing, he asked himself.

The story, because it was premised on prefabricated, patently false assumptions, never came out. But you get the idea, dear readers, of how Rappler assigns its stories.”

Unfortunately, Jojo Robles withheld the name of the Rappler reporter, leaving the public hanging as well.

Let us read some of the interesting comments of the netizens below.

Leo D. Venezuela remarked: The Rappler style of reporting – start out with the conclusion and look for angles that will support the conclusion.”

Joe Ponz  said: “I see. So their reporting method is like this: 1st Come up with a conclusion to support a narrative. 2nd look for any evidence to prop it up. 3rd if you can’t find evidence make one up. It doesn’t have to be true. It only needs to look line one. eh?”
Melchor Vergara commented: “If their journalists can come up with a fantastic tale of “90 rape threats per minute”, they can surely make a story where there is none 😀”
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