Filipina married to Japanese national exposes ‘liquid paper’ scam at NAIA

A post exposing what is alleged to be the latest money making scheme in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is doing the rounds online.

In a Facebook post shared more than 1243 times, a netizen named Angie Nogot narrated the alleged scam in her timeline.

According to the Japan-bound netizen, before flying out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport yesterday January 24, she was asked to shell out P200.00 pesos, while his son, being a Filipino citizen shall pay P1620 pesos travelers’ tax.

The netizen protested why she needs to pay P200 pesos since she is a permanent resident of Japan but the NAIA personnel insisted.

A little later, her passport and alien card were taken by the NAIA staff from TIEZA so she handed it over to avoid further delay.

Then, the NAIA staff from TIEZA asked why her alien card does not show her Japanese surname and when she took a look at it, she was stunned to see her surname was nowhere to be found on the permanent card.

Upon closer inspection, she realized her Japanese surname was intentionally covered by a liquid paper in a clumsy attempt to make it appear the netizen is falsely claiming she is carrying a Japanese surname.

At this juncture, the NAIA staff from TIEZA told her to present a marriage certificate from the NSO. Realizing, she was subjected to harassment for reasons we can only speculate, the netizen wiped off the whitewash covering her Japanese surname.

It was also at this point, she created a scene to attract the attention of other passengers by asking loudly why she needs to go to the NSO to get a marriage contract when she is scheduled to fly to Japan in the next few hours.

Bakit nyo tinakpan ang apilyedo para maka hanap lang kayo dahil para tarantahin ako?

The netizen said she succeeded because the NAIA staff from TIEZA apparently panicked and turned their back on her while hiding their ID’s from the netizen.

The netizen recounted she lectured the NAIA staff from TIEZA on their job description and that is to accept payment and provide receipts to travelers paying the traveler’s tax, no more no less.

Before the netizen ended her post, she reminded the travelers to keep a tight watch on their passport. Otherwise, their surnames might disappear using sly tricks courtesy of a determined NAIA staff from TIEZA out to make money from naive travelers.

TIEZA stands for Tourism Infrastructure And Enterprise Zone Authority under the Department of Tourism according to Wikipedia.

Angie Nogot

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