For reminding President Duterte that being in power is not forever, Toni Gonzaga gets a taste of own medicine

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza did not mince words in castigating Kapamilya host and actress Toni Gonzaga after she allegedly said something along this line that President Duterte is indeed the most powerful man in the country today, but his power is not forever.

On Facebook, Sonza called Toni Gonzaga “ungas” or ignoramus who is clueless how the system of crafting a franchise bill works in the country.

“Heto ang isang ungas na walang alam sa sistema ng pagbalangkas ng Batas Prangkisa.”

Sonza, using Toni Gonzaga’s logic, said that Toni’s popularity isn’t forever as well and time will come she will no longer in the limelight.

“Toni, hindi habang buhay sikat ka. Darating ang panahon na mawawala ka sa limelight.”

Sonza asked Toni if someday she wants her son to be teased as someone who is the son of a former artist known for her stupidity?

“Gusto mo bang paglaki ng anak mo ay tawagin siyang anak iyan noong isang dating artistang nuknukan ng boba at tanga?”

Sonza told Toni to do some research first before meddling in issues that requires intelligence and sufficient brain power to think.

“Sa susunod aralin mong mabuti at manaliksik ka bago ka sumawsaw sa isang usaping nangangailangan ng utak at tamang pag-iisip.”

Sonza ended the FB post by giving Toni a concise lecture on the difference between state franchise and power of the state.

“State franchise is temporary, a privilege only. And yes, the power of the state is absolute (forever) in this instance.”

Let us read the comments below of netizens who echoed Jay Sonza’s sentiment.

“She is right….. the Lopezes and their ABS-CBN station plus their league of diehard artistas have just been booted out of their airwaves power. Nothing is forever Toni. You can just get stuck sa sama ng loob mong nawalan ng bigasan or move on. The Duterte effect will stay with us for a long, long time and guess who the next president of the country will be?”

“Wow….another bobitang artista. If not for pandemic and closure of abscbn hindi namin malalaman ang kabobohan nyong.mga artista!”

“You forgot Aling Toni there are future generations of politicians so who are you to say power is not forever. Fir as long as their are people who are asstupid as you and can be used that power overcomes you! We understand your angst again this present administration but you clearly do not understand the legalities. Pity you and your ilk!!!!”

BTW, I did some cross-checking about Toni Gonzaga’s alleged statement, turned out this was posted in July 2020. Link here.

Heto ang isang ungas na walang alam sa sistema ng pagbalangkas ng Batas Prangkisa. Toni, hindi habang buhay sikat ka….

Posted by Jay Sonza on Saturday, January 9, 2021


Source: Jay Sonza

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