Forced attendance to a Leni Robredo event? Cavite University draws flak after student airs complaint on Facebook via Thinking Pinoy

A Cavite-based university draws flak on social media after a Facebook post accusing it of forcing student to attend a Leni Robredo event goes viral.


According to RJ Niete aka Thinking Pinoy, a friend from De La Salle University-Dasmariñas told him about the “forced attendance” issue via PM or personal message with an accompanying proof in the form of a screenshot of the conversation between a student and a student leader.

On Facebook, Thinking Pinoy writes:

“VP Leni Robredo is a guest speaker dito sa La Salle Dasma tomorrow. Attendance is a must sa mga students. May pananakot from student leaders na kapag hindi umattend dun, iho-hold yung account nila sa grades or yung grades portal nila.”

Note that the 4th message mentions “associate dean”.

Current and former De La Salle Dasmarinas students joined forces to dismiss such allegation against the univeristy.

Jullian Wilmer Morabe, a De La Salle Dasma student defended the university by commenting on Thinking Pinoy’s post. “Hi Thinking Pinoy. Well absolutely, you just talk and talk without knowing the whole story.

To educate you, our university also prioritize co-curricular activities. There is more to learn also not just inside the classroom but also outside. Get your facts straight please. Do me a favor. Make your life meaningful.”

To which Thinking Pinoy replied: “Wilmer Morabe So you withhold grades for non-attendance to political events? Tigilan mo nga ako.”

Netizen Chan Chan Castro, La Salle Dasmarinas student joined the conversation to explain how things work in his school. “Hi everyone! 😊 Let me speak on behalf of my fellow student. In our university, we have required activities for the students which advocate development and improvement of students, professionally and holistically. We are holding student portals specially if they have accountabilities sa school I.e. Unsettled tuition fee, requirements, unattended activities etc. Sa isang activity (collegiate, departamental, or council project) na hindi ka naka-attend, you need to submit an explanation letter stating the reason bakit hindi ka naka-attend. Signed by your parent/guardian. So kapag di ka nakapag-comply, mahhold yung portal mo at the end of the sem. But not agad-agad i-hohold. I would like to strongly emphasize this, “ALL REQUIRED STUDENT ACTIVITIES”. So kahit sino pa mang senator, activist, famous person, or goverment official pa yan, basta kapag required activity, applicable yung protocol of holding the portals. Kahit pa seminar workshop na kagaya nitong sinasabi niyong “political event” or kahit pa rave party yan, as long as required. I hope you’ve enlightened. I don’t want to argue with anyone my fellow Filipinos. But if there is anything I can help for you to see things clearer about DLSU-D, I am more than willing to share my sentiments. Thank you so much everyone! God bless you and God speed. 💚”

Another De la Salle student named Louise Gabriel Pal-ing Alonzo reprimanded Thinking Pinoy for spreading fake news. “All of you aren’t even studying in La Salle. How can you assume it?

We’re not forced to attend but we are going to because we respect the Vice President.

Don’t state things that aren’t true, spreading fake news is not good.

Thinking Pinoy, next time think properly.”

Netizen Diana Pearl Uy, who introduced herself as one of the social media managers of Kapital, denied the allegation. “I am a committee from Kapital. I am one of the social media managers to be exact. First of all we do not have any power to hold someone’s account. Second it is only required to CBAA students only. Kapital’s theme is about reinforcing our Filipino values while advocating for the welfare of our economy and environment. The information you can get from Kapital will be very useful for your future career. The CBAA student council and all the other CBAA orgs worked hard to make this vision into a reality. 😢 Please be wary of what you see in the internet. Also Leni Robredo will not speak of politics in the event. This has no shred of political agenda. We were the ones who invited her.”

Diana Pearl Uy added that neither Gina lopez nor Leni Robredo will speak about politics in the said event. “Miss Leni Robredo nor Miss Gina Lopez are not promoting their political agenda in our event. So how can they brainwash us in the first place? Not everything has any political motif in it.”

Diana Pearl Uy’s remark was met with skepticism by Ellen Manarin. “How you sure no politics involved on her speech. Isisingit nyan yon nangyayaring recount. For sure.”

Joshua Alarba Caragan also replied to Diana Pearl Uy’s comment. “Are you sure she will not speak about politics??? I hope that there will be no brainwashing .. All of the people why leni robredo ? Who is not an expert when it comes in economy even in environment.. sa bagay kayo yan hahaha enjoy the event. 😊😊😊 hope not forcing anyone to attend, lets practice freedom here since that is what your leader leni wants to be implemented.” 😊😊

Before long, Thinking Pinoy offered a word of advice to Diana Pearl Uy. “Then I think it’s incumbent upon you, the organizer, to check who among the student-attendees were coerced to attend and take appropriate remedial measures.

Nobody said you or your organization did the coercing.”

Another alumnus Clyde Herezo denied experiencing such drama. “Sa tanang buhay kong nag aral jan hindi ko ata naexperience ang ganyang eksena. Liban na lng kung related sa isang subj. Pero ihold ang grades sa portal ng student leaders?? Hindi naman Student leaders ang may hawak ng grades kundi professors or teachers eh. Anong karapatan ng Student Leaders maghold ng grades in the first place. Walang ganung batas jan TP.”

Ian Homer Pura stated that the De La Salle admins have nothing to do with the event. “No po. Event po ito ng mga estudyante. Sila po namili ng speaker. Wala pong impluwensya ang admin ng DLSU-Dasma dito.

Nag fact check din po kami kaya alam po namin na maling-mali ang post ni TP.

Alam po namin yun. Marami na pong beses na nangyari yun, pero hindi po ito ang isa sa pagkakataon na yun.”

Meanwhile, Kenneth Tacbas an alumnus of CBA offered Diana Pearl Uy words of advice. “Since you’re part of the committee, make sure that the event will stick to its agenda. No politics whatsoever and only for educational purpose. Also, in the case of coercion for the sake of high grades, make sure that no such act will happen. Attendance must be OPTIONAL. We are not under authoritarian rule, so there must be an academic freedom especially that this event is not even part of the curriculum.

You should know that the Brothers are supporters of the Aquinos who are known personalities behind LP, the political party of Mrs. Robredo. They even built a “democratic hall” in Taft campus in remembrance of the late President Cory Aquino. So Mrs. Robredo inside the Lasallian community is really suspicious and especially now that she’s facing an election case because of fraud during the May 2016 election.

Kindly consider these words from an alumnus of CBA(now CBAA).”

Whether Thinking Pinoy was posting fake news or what, it’s up to the discerning public to decide who’s telling the truth.

As of this writing, Thinking Pinoy’s post has gathered almost 5,000 shares, 9,309 reactions and 1,168 comments on Facebook.

Your thoughts?

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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