Foreign political observer scores Senator Risa Hontiveros habit of misleading and misinforming the public for her political interest

A self-styled political scientist and commentator Canadian citizen named Amir Assadollahi has called out Senator Risa Hontiveros on Facebook due to her habit of “misleading and misinforming the public for her political interest.

Assadollahi says he is just a foreign observer and a commentator and yet he cannot sit idly by and watch Hontiveros mislead the public and feed them misinformation.

Assadolahi cited the Marawi crisis wherein Hontiveros have “intentionally falsified information according to her interpolation, which he said was devoid of truth and logic.”

A case in point was how Hontiveros defended Maute’s position and acts of violence and terror by calling them as “the epitome of courage and resilience.”

“You intentionally have falsified information according to your interpolation in which has no base of truth and logic in it. You did that with Maravi by calling the terrorists fundamentalist Maute Group, as the rebellious and not terrorists and defended their position and acts of violence and terror, calling them ‘the epitome of courage and resilience.'”

Assadolahi scored Hontiveros and her fellow Liberal Party mates for their double standards. For example, when PNoy was the president and the PNoy government did something foul, they were silent.

And now that their acts of corruption have been questioned, they have been very vocal in defending their colleagues. And to add more insult, they call the criminals “courageous heroes”, Assadolahi lamented.

“Your self centered interests and constant plots in destabilization of the region is a cause for alarm in my opinion and there are many analysts who do agree with me. When your previous government committed many acts of evil, silence was the common practice, and now that they are being questioned for those acts of corruption and criminality, you and the people like you run to their aid and call the criminals as the courageous heroes. I find that to be a Political satire, and them getting reprimanded as a poetic justice. To you justice seems to be just only if it benefited you, but justice is about the truth and the just act, not about private interests of corrupts and criminals.”

Assadolahi also recalled how Hontiveros’ wrong choice of words, whether intentional or not, have openly encouraged the youth for a new EDSA. He called this dumb act.

In the past, your unpolished words openly and perhaps intentionally invited people in the Philippines to pick up arms, kidnap people, take people hostage, cut people’s head off and murder them, rape people, force people to accept their values, burn places and take people’s personal property, attack jails and government facilities, committing acts that violated the national laws and you called that “the epitome of courage and resilience” – I call that the epitome of dumb and dumber, and the jury is still out but the verdict is already given, however the question at hand is still being debated and that is who is dumb and who is dumber – those who encouraged the acts of violence against state or those who follow those orders, but to me the verdict is clear, both are dumb as hell no matter what position they take because they only think of their own interests and not think of the greater good and the future.

Assadolahi said that Hontiveros silence on alleged cheating at the VP election, sympathetic to destabilization moves and always standing in the way of reforms, crack down against criminality and corruption means only one thing – Hontiveros is aligning with the corrupts, criminals and terrorists.

When you have no saying about the cheating in VP election and have constant interest in destabilizing the government and always go against their reforms and crackdown on criminality, corruption, illegal drugs and terrorism, I find you to be aligning yourself with those corrupts, criminals and terrorists – after all you are the one who said the terrorists cells of Maute Group as “the epitome of courage and resilience.”

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