Former Ambassador calls OtsoDiretso bets “pathetic bunch of losers”, “an insult to democratic process”!

As the opposition candidates aka OtsoDiretso struggles to connect with the LP-weary public, as reflected in the social weather surveys, an unwelcome remarks from a highly respected former government official circulates online.

In a Facebook post, Tiglao called the OtsoDiretso bets “pathetic losers and insult to democratic election process”.

Tiglao commented that some of the OtsoDiretso candidates should thank their illustrious fathers and relatives ( Hi Bam, Diokno, Tanada and Roxas) that is why they have political careers or so soon to have political careers in case they win a senate seat in May 2019 election.

Meanwhile, Tiglao was not even kinder to Hilbay, Macalintal and Gutoc whom he called short of being token candidates of Liberal Party.

As fickle-minded as the Filipino voters, Bam Aquino and company should have anxious moments until the May 2019 election canvassing is done.

On a brighter note, re-electionist senator Bam Aquino is likely to win a seat, if judging by the recent SWS and Pulse Asia surveys.

Please read Tiglao’s post below.

i’ve never seen such a pathetic bunch of losers fielded by any party or alliance for a senatorial contest in Philippine history — ever. They insult this democratic process.

Diokno, Tanada, Aquino, Roxas — they think they’re members of what MVP a long time ago called the Lucky Sperm Club. They think they should be leaders just because they have the same name as their fathers and uncle. Bullshit.

Alejano naman — why should you vote as Senator somebody who wanted to topple a duly elected government? Who reportedly consumed a lot of Scotch whisky when they were holed up in Oakwood and Peninsula , stupidly hoping people will rally around them, and when they didn’t, surrendered just when they heard the ramble of Armored Personnel Carriers?

Si Macalintal naman — defending a colossal election cheater is your qualification?

Hilbay — taga timpla lang ng coffee at taga-xerox ng mga documents for the American lawyers in that useless suit vs China that cost taxpayers P1 billion, e dapat raw maging senator siya?

And the last one, Butoc, Gutoc whatever that unsightly blogger has better chances of winning

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