Former DOH Secretary Ubial detonates explosive bomb in Janette Garin’s face in senate hearing on Dengvaxia

For flip-flopping on her decision to stop the implementation of the Dengvaxia vaccine project of the Pnoy administration, Duterte’s former DOH Secretary was criticized for it.

Some even went farther by speculating that Ubial may have received some bribe from Sanofi, hence the sudden change of heart.

But finally, in today’s senate hearing on Dengvaxia mess, Ubial detonated a bomb that caught everyone by surprise including former DOH Secretary Janette Garin.

Ubial told Gordon:

“I am positive that my confirmation was prejudiced by this particular issue (Dengvaxia). That I strongly opposed at the start when I was the Health Secretary, I tried to do damage control but again during budget hearings, I was pressured to expand to other areas and let me note that in the last budget hearing and this is documented in Congress that one of the representatives asked me, asked me to buy more dengue vaccine and put it in the 2018 budget and is no other than Oscar Garin Jr., your honor.”

At this juncture, Garin feigned not hearing what Ubial just said regarding Oscar Garin Jr.

Gordon then remarked, “well that extends the hearing now”, drawing laughter from the audience.

After this, Ubial read the minutes of the said budget hearing wherein Oscar Garin Jr. pressured her to extend the Dengvaxia program implementation to Region VII.

And so on September 28, 2016, Ubial not only gave the go-signal to continue the dengue vaccination program but even expanded it in Cebu. A total of 123,000 Cebuano kids got the risky vaccine.

Ubial’s predecessor Garin is the wife of Iloilo 1st District Representative Oscar Garin Jr. Oscar is the older brother of AAMBIS-OWA and House Deputy Speaker Sharon Garin. [Link here]

Credits to Derf Maiz for the screengrab photo.

Watch the video below.

Ubial: Rep. Oscar Garin, Jr. requested to expand dengue program

BREAKING: Former DOH Sec. Paulyn Ubial names Rep. Oscar Garin, Jr. as the one who requested to expand dengue vaccine program

Posted by CNN Philippines on Thursday, December 14, 2017

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