Furious UP-PGH Doc slams Filipinos stubbornness to drop religious tradition amid lockdown?

The leading expert of covid-19 in the Philippines couldn’t help but react at Filipinos who can’t seemed to do away with their annual religious tradition amidst the global pandemic.

Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvana, director of the UP Manila and a infectious medicine doctor at PGH, has taken to Facebook to vent one’s frustration against the stubbornness of fellow Filipinos.

A freaking religious procession in the middle of a lockdown? You have got to be kidding me,’ Salvana wrote on Facebook.

Salvana took a swipe at Filipinos penchant to compare the government response to Singapore and Vietnam. He suggested that the best way of doing this is to compare our own behavior vis-a-vis to these countries.

‘If we are going to compare ourselves to Singapore and Vietnam in terms of the government response, maybe we should also look at our own behavior compared to the citizens of those countries.’

‘Do we behave more like Southeast Asians, or more like Americans?’ Salvana asked.

Salvana argued that taking down the virus is a two-way street.

‘It takes a good government response and citizen cooperation to take down this virus.’

Salvana lamented that neither of the parties involved have been perfect.

‘Neither have been perfect, and it won’t take much more to look like the United States.’

Salvane wrapped up the FB post urging Filipinos to unite if we hope to defeat the virus.

‘Get your act together Philippines, or we’ll be picking dead bodies off the street. Let’s all help one another, man versus virus. No time for fighting amongst ourselves. Filipino lives are at stake.’

BTW, Salvana did not categorically mention the particular religious procession that elicited his reaction on Facebook, but based on my research, I suspect he was referring to the religious procession held in one of the barangays in Cebu with most number of infected covid cases.

Credits to Leon Flores III.

One netizen couldn’t help but take a swipe at the LGU. ‘It starts with the local leadership…and Cebu voters should re-evaluate who they vote for.’

Another netizen commented, ‘That’s such a good question…are we more like other South East Asians or Americans? Culture plays a big role in society’s response to the pandemic. This includes our individuality (common in US), how we value a group (Filipinos value family) and even how we view the importance of religion in our lives. Hindi namin mapigilan ang nanay namin to go to church 😭’

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Source: Edsel Maurice Salvana

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