Grace Poe’s Lenten photo draws flak from netizens, again. Find out why!

The photo of a presidential aspirant has stirred another controversy, this time for fulfilling her Christian duty during the Lenten season.

In a Facebook post, Senator Grace Poe was caught on camera lighting a candle and praying in an undisclosed church somewhere in Manila has earned the ire of netizens who smelled hypocrisy at first glance of the photos.

The reaction is a complete opposite of the intent when the photos were decided to post in the social media which is to make the candidate more appealing to the religious voters.

Poe draws flak for Lenten photos

Credits to photo owner

In the photos shown above, Senator Grace Poe was doing her Lenten duties with an entourage of photographers snapping every ‘pious’ move of the presidential aspirant.

The photos were interpreted by the netizens who stumbled upon the Lenten photos of the senator as pretentious, cheap gimmickry and merely a ploy to win the votes of the gullible electorate.

Caroline Sotto can’t help but expressed her displeasure of what she saw.

Kailangan ba talaga may Picture pag nagsisimba?? Mahirap kaya magdasal ng madaming istorbo HAHAHAHAAH nag pa pictorial lng yan para sabihing mabait..Eh lakas nga nyang manigarilyo at uminom ng alak eh mapagbalatkayo poe!!#MirriamDuterte. (Is it really necessary to post a photo as proof that you attended mass? It is really hard to pray amidst too many distractions. Hahaha. She had a pictorial to leave the impression she is a good person. She smokes so hard and drink alcohol. You are a great pretender Poe!)

Greg Baac joined the bashing and wrote,

Another SHOWBIZ government in the making! Filipino/American! She let the paparazzi take pics of her praying! What is next? I can’t wait for her to let them in into her bedroom. On the other hand….like what she said at the start of her campaign… Ipinapatuloy Lang daw niya ang inumpisahan ng adopted father niyang actor Fernando Poe. So, everything here is scripted….pang FAMAS! ( She has been saying she wants to continue what her adoptive father Fernando Poe Jr has started. So, everything here is scripted….for FAMAS!)

Norman De Las Alas agreed with the bashers and wrote,

The subject is a Senator, if she wanted the Media People away, that’s not a problem at all. Leads me to thinking that the subject deliberately allowed this to happen for some reason.

nagdadasal o nagpapapicture?

Posted by Showbiz Government on Thursday, March 24, 2016

What is your humble reaction of the photos?



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