Guess how Janet Napoles transfer to Witness Protection cause a panic frenzy in the yellow camp?

Guess how the order of the DOJ to transfer Janet Napoles to the Witness Protection cause a panic frenzy in the yellow camp?

Yes that’s true says lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles.

In a Facebook post, Angeles tells how the Napoles’ to the Witness Protection Program disturbs the yellow camp like ants as soon as the news of Napoles transfer hit the headlines on social media sites.

First, the people Napoles will testify against may want to see her dead. As they say, dead man tells no tales.

As soon as Napoles is placed under the protection of the Witness Protection Program, that option to silence Napoles is out of equation.

Second, do you know what scares the people involved in DAP scandal?

When Napoles turns state-witness and place under the Witness Protection program, her lawyers start the process of preserving her testimony while naming her accomplices in the biggest scandal involving public funds.

So there you go folks!

You may read the full text of Atty. Angeles Facebook post below.

“How strange that so many people of the yellow persuasion are ignoring the real reason Napoles is in Witness Protection.

Because the people she will testify against will try to kill her.

We hear too much discussion about whether or not she is entitled to state’s witness status. But the fact is, whether or not she tells all, her mere existence, the mere possibility that she COULD testify, already puts her in danger.

Right now the facts are still being determined about whether or not she could turn against her former benefactors for a lesser sentence or exoneration. But what many fail to understand is that there are ways of preserving her testimony even if no case is filed.

And that is what scares them. If Napoles is in WPP, her lawyers could begin the process of preserving her testimony, and thus eliminating the threats to her life, while giving us the names and identities of her co-horts in stealing from the republic.

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