“Hahahahaha. WISH NYO LANG! “DDS blogger laughs off Mayor Isko Moreno versus Sara Duterte in 2022 presidential election. Read why!

DDS blogger Krizette Laureta Chu laughed her ass off after some yellow-identified personalities has been pushing for a Isko Moreno versus Sara Duterte face-off in the 2022 presidential election on social media.

GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian and yellow cult supporter was one of ’em, testing the waters this early in a Facebook status post.

However, the dilawans dream of poaching Isko Moreno to their camp and ride on his bandwagon for a Malacanang comeback and pit him versus Sara Duterte, the unofficial administration candidate in the 2022 presidential election, was immediately nipped in the bud mercilessly even before it snowballed.

Chu showed confidence that Isko Moreno won’t turn his back from PRRD after he was given a job in different capacities in the Duterte government to lick his wound and regroup after his electoral defeat in 2016.

Besides, Chu asked who in his right mind would run as the opposition in 2022 when they could not even manage to win one senatorial candidate in the 2019 election?

On top that, Isko Moreno said Chu supports PRRD’s drug war and looks up to the President.

Meanwhile, Chu did not waste the opportunity to remind the dilawans that dropping Chel Diokno like a hot potato because he lied about the fishermen in favor of Isko Moreno because they could not get someone “matino” or sensible is cruel!

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below.

Yellows be like,


Hahahahaha. WISH NYO LANG.

Isko worked under Duterte, as DSWD Usec. Nag BCDA din si ISKO under Duterte.

Duterte put his trust and faith in Isko when Isko lost in his bid, and you think he’s going to jump over to your side? Sinong tanga ang mag Oposisyon considering wala kayong napanalo kahit isang Senator?

Isko supports the drug war, and looks up to the President.

Most importantly, ang sama sama niyo naman kay Chel Diokno!!!

Pinaasa nyo yung matanda with premature CHEL DIOKNO 2022, pina excite nyo sya, tapos ngayon you dropped him like a hot potato just because he lied about the fishermen! Tapos gagawin nyong Opposition leader si Isko kasi wala kayong na hanap na matino dyan?



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