Hand-carry bag of 77 year old balikbayan bound for LA turns positive of a lone bullet

Earlier this evening at around 6 PM, November 3 of 2015, a father and daughter was caught allegedly in possession of a bullet in one of their hand-carry bags.

Initially, it was thought that the passengers were husband and wife, but turned out to be a father and daughter traveler supposedly flying back to the US.

It was learned the old man is a 77-year-old World War 2 veteran and had already acquired a US citizenship.

The old man who was supposed to leave for Los Angeles tonight was identified by the airport authorities as Santiago Cabrera, but the daughter refused to be identified.

According to the airport security screener Jose Dayo, he immediately recognized the suspicious object inside the hand-carry bag. To ascertain what he saw, he repeated the x-ray process several times until he was certain the object is indeed a bullet, that was the time stopped the machine to confront the two passengers.

The OTS personnel refused to touch the bag containing the alleged bullet. Likewise, the two passengers refused to touch the hand-carry bag as well while waiting for the arrival of their relatives and lawyer.

Likewise, members of the Aviation group were also called in as part of the standard operating procedure.

In an interview with Jiggy Manicad of 24 Oras Jose Carlo Dayo of OTS said, “As per procedure, I was sitting there as a baggage inspector, we saw the shape of a bullet in the monitor. The passengers refused to take action. They did not say anything, but they just leave the item on hold.”

A short while later, the x-ray operation resumed after the bag in question was removed from where it was.

Jiggy Manicad even managed to take a look at the screenshot of the monitor that shows the alleged ‘bullet’ in the hand-carry bag of the passenger.

Balikbayan caught with bullet

You may watch the video now.

Is this issue going to stop soon?

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