He has a hunch that Leni Robredo is the ‘Queen of Press Conference’ because of this, until netizens confirm ‘IT’ as the norm

A Facebook user named Eric Clark Su remarked that that he feel so stupid for not realizing sooner that money is being passed around to members of the media during press conferences.

He wondered that “if press conferences have this SOP (standard operating procedure) where journalists are handed out cash in envelopes at the end of one, and Leni Robredo keeps having these press conferences 1x to 3x a week, then the press would surely love to cover anything she say and will treat her like their patron saint…”

A netizen named Kram Ynthoan Cruz confirmed that distributing money to reporters in press cons is true.

Joel Castillo Poniente confirmed the practice of giving money to journalists.

Netizen Dondon Baquilod suspected that this has been the case, but none has come forward to confirm it until that point.

One netizen said this is also true in the showbiz industry.

One netizen claimed that P500.000 pesos is standard in press conferences.

One netizen could only shake her head in disbelief that journalists would sell their reputation for such an amount.

She chided journalist for crying out loud if they called presstitutes in light of the revelation.

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