“Hindi siya maaring maghugas kamay sa usaping ito!” Jay Sonza on PNoy Aquino doing a Pontius Pilate in Dengvaxia scandal

Yesterday, February 26, 2018, former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III returned to the Senate for the continuation of the hearing on the Dengvaxia scandal.

The former president reiterated his stance on the Dengvaxia issue, saying that “he was neither a doctor nor a medical expert, made to believe by Sanofi that Dengvaxia would ‘induce the body to create anti-bodies” and that it would cover “four sero-types.'”

Aquino told senators he would’ve stopped the program had he known the November, 2017 findings of French multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur, the makers of Dengvaxia. [Link here]

When asked about the supposed use of DOH savings in the purchase of the Dengvaxia vaccine, the former President once again, did a Pontius Pilate and told senators he knew nothing about it.

Veteran journalist and broadcaster Jay Sonza scolded the former President in a viral Facebook post, telling Pnoy he cannot continue his washing hands on the issue.

On Facebook, Sonza writes:

Nahuhuli ang isda sa bibig. Sa Congressional hearing ngayon:

Sabi mismo ni former DBM Sec. Abad na DOH savings ang ginamit na pondong pambili ng Dengvaxia vaccine.

Sa ilalim ng batas, hindi maaring gamitin ang savings ng walang recommending approval ng DOH at DBM. Samakatuwid, rekomendado ni Sec. Garin at Abad ang pambili.

Tanging ang Pangulo Aquino lamang ang may obligasyon o responsibilidad na aprobahan ito. (only the president has the final authority for realigning and spending budgetary savings)


Hindi siya maaring maghugas kamay sa usaping ito.

Huling huli ang mga hinayupak.

Sonza’s post has gathered 4,420 shares, 488 comments and 7,822 reactions and counting.

Neteizen Alejandro Boy Cabuguas remarks Pnoy is indeed vicious! “Hayop talaga ,tapos sasavuhun n pinopolitika LNG saw ang dengvaxia,dami ng namamatay at nadagdagan p , tapos pamomolitika pb tan?”

Andrew Janssen G. Barroga says he is not surprised because Pnoy knwos nothing but qucik to grab credit when somehting positive is said about his administratuion. “Lahat naman di niya alam. He inhibits himself from his major flaws as president but quick to acknowlegde when it is positive (like the GDP).”

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