Homeless woman from Baler cries upon learning she is not eligible for aid. Why?

This is not the first time the government is accused of playing favorites when giving aid to typhoon victims. In the aftermath of the chaotic post-Yolanda rehabilitation efforts of the government, many typhoon victims felt frustrated and helpless because of this indifferent attitude of the government towards some typhoon victims.

Check this post here from Shashing Francisco on the post-Yolanda rehabilitation:

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) started distributing in Ajuy town yesterday cash assistance to victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Dubbed the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) program, the DSWD is doling out P30,000 to victims with totally damaged houses and P10,000 for partially damaged structures.

But, it seems fate and politics will continue to be cruel on Villanueva and his hapless neighbors. Villanueva’s name and that of more than 40 of his neighbors from Barangays Sto. Rosario and Luca are not on the list of beneficiaries.

Merly Agustin’s husband died shortly after Typhoon Yolanda. She said the wake and vigil for her husband had to be made under makeshift tents because her house lost all of its roof to Yolanda. She accused the local barangay health workers (the DSWD’s pointperson in identifying victims), of being partial. She said they (the BHWs) included in the list of victims their own relatives who even had no homes in the area or were actually already residing elsewhere, even seamen and OFWs.

There were many stories like this, but I won’t dwell too much on it.

I would rather dwell on the present efforts of the Pnoy government in the post-typhoon Lando because this is immediate. By bringing the issue to the fore, perhaps, private organizations can come in and help the people that are being left out for reasons we can only speculate.

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The case of a middle-aged woman from Baler, Aurora is a classic example of how discriminating this government can be in helping the typhoon victims in Baler, Aurora.

The woman narrated that she felt discriminated after a barangay official turned her down to be part of the list of recipients eligible for government assistance. The reason being, her house is still intact except the roof. Help is only for houses that are totally destroyed.

In tears, she said she did not understand why the government is doing this to the typhoon victims.

She said, they are now trying their best to pick up the pieces and move forward with their lives. For example, they are scavenging for usable materials like galvanized iron sheets and thatched roofs littered in the aftermath of Typhoon Lando that they could use to repair the roof of their house temporarily.

The old woman said that her simple wish are galvanized iron sheets from the government; food is the least of their worries at the moment. She said she could rely on their ‘diskarte’ and find something to eat.

The most painful part she said is hearing this from the barangay officials, “Sorry, but you are not qualified to receive government assistance.” We understand the barangay officials receive instructions from the highest officials. You may watch the video below:

Hinaing ng isang residente ng Baler,Aurora na nasalanta ng bagyong lando

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