Horrifying: ‘Tanim-droga’ modus allegedly victimizes passenger from Boracay

Recently, a netizen posted this warning her friends and family members, “BEWARE!!! And please share… it could save you and your loved ones.” The introduction is enough to arouse your curiosity.

Turned out this is about a new modus in the NAIA – the ‘tanim-droga’ modus – definitely a spinoff from the ‘tanim-bala’ modus in NAIA.

If ‘tanim-bala’ and ‘palit-bala’ sends chills down to your spine, wait until you hear about ‘tanim-droga’ in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminals.

Recently, a netizen posted the experienced of a friend of his brother who was victimized recently by a new scam or shall we say, just recently exposed when a netizen bothered took the time to post this on Facebook – the ‘tanim-droga’ modus in our airport.

According to the poster, her brother texted thinking she was flying back from Boracay while he was on the way to the airport accompanying his friend’s Mom.

His friend just landed from Boracay but sniffed by K9 dog for drugs. According to the netizen, his brother’s friend was welcomed with a garland of flowers presumably by an airport employee. What makes it suspicious was that the individual that put the garland of flowers around the neck of the victim wore gloves.

His brother suspects that the garland of flower was laced or contaminated with illegal drugs.

To make the story short, the passenger was detained at the PNP Aviation Office. When the mother and his brother arrived, the officials demanded 3K to facilitate the release of the victim, otherwise, charges will be filed for being a drug mule or drug courier.

This made the Mom furious and demanded a review of the CCTV and a drug test for her son. True enough, the victim was tested negative. The victim was released right away.

The lesson learned here is that, don’t mess with Mom’s. They are stubborn, determined and will not back down from any shenanigans.

You may check out the screen shot of the original post below.

Sheryll Tiangco -tanim droga

Do you think this is humanly possible?


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