House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez mulls impeachment case against Robredo

Tit for tat?

In a CNN exclusive, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez says he is studying an impeachment case for Vice President Leni Robredo.

Alvarez told CNN Philippines that Robredo betrayed public trust which is an impeachable offense.

If you’d recall, Robredo sent a video message to the United Nations criticizing Duterte’s war on drugs.

The video message was shown in the annual meeting of the U.N. Commission on Drugs in Geneva on Thursday.

Robredo had been a vocal critic of some of Duterte’s policies among them, the war on drugs and extra judicial killings in the country.

Let us check out the comments how the social media receive the news.

Jaime Alvarado wrote: “Impeach Leni. She have abuse her freedom of speech by lying to the UN in video message against the Filipino and the country.”

Jun Zamora welcomed the news: “Oh my God !!!this is a good one, she has all this chances given her to be good public servant but yet she chooses the bad side, she’s a victim of her own stupidity and big possibilities that she will be impeached….”

Nasser Zambo spoke his mind out and wrote: “She is ruining the countrys image by spreading lies.My respect for you was totally lost!Wala ka na ngang nagawang maganda sa loob ng 8 buwan para sa bansa #LeniRobredo sinira mo pa pangalan ng pilipinas putang ina ka!Naghasik ka pa ng kabobohan at katangahan mo sa UN?For what?To destabilized the government?Atat ka bang maging presidente,eh ubod ka namang peke!Lahat sayo peke pati mga socmed supporter mo!Saan na yung bumoto at naniniwala sayo?Isa kang ahas sa gobyerno,maisalba mulang ang #YellowEvilLiberalParty!You did not care for the filipinos!”

Ernesto Gerolao Villamangca Jr. remarked: “The VP is not supportive to the government and has made herself an outcast. Some people now think that she is taking advantage of this in favor of her political ambition. Let see the coming surveys to show whose rating is really in the limbo. I hope she made a right decision. Good luck.”

Meanwhile, some disagreed with the House Speaker’s plan.

Mary Ann Rosello wrote: “Gaya-gaya puto maya.

Let’s see what have you got as grounds for impeachment. With your best and the brightest minds i’m sure you’ll cook up something stupid once again. #ImpeachDuterte #ChangeScamming #NEVERAGAIN”

Your thoughts, please!


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