HUDCC insider says VP Robredo ‘lying’ when she said she is the most hardworking HUDCC head. Read why!

Has VP Leni Robredo’s claims been fact-checked?

This is the question posed by Dr. Lorraine Marie Badoy to her readers on Facebook to start off an article she posted recently.

She said the vice-president owes her an explanation since she campaigned and voted for her in the May 2016 election.

I want to know because I voted and campaigned for her and she owes me.

She went on to explain why she deserves an explanation from Robredo.

Yup, SHE OWES ME. As do all our public servants. Whether or not you voted for them. But when I vote and campaign for someone, I especially want to know if I’d been duped and what it is really I got in exchange for the precious vote I gave her.

She claimed she has been receiving PM’s from her readers after she started being critical of Robredo.

Because ever since criticizing her, I got a bunch of messages from people claiming she was a slacker.

And one of the messages she received from the public caught her attention.

I vet those messages but one of these messages, I cannot ignore because it is from someone who actually worked under her in her short stint as HUDCC chair.

For the uninitiated, HUDCC supervises  6 key agencies under it.

The HUDCC has 6 key agencies under it: PAG IBIG, the Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC), the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), the National Housing Authority (NHA), the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC), the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC)).

According to her sources, VP Robredo was right when she made the claim that she had attended all the board meetings as the HUDCC head.

And my source alleges that when the Vice President claims she attended all board meetings, she is right.

Well, she is right! But here’s the catch, says the HUDCC insider.

However, it turns out the grand total of board meetings under her was ONE and it was just for 3 key shelter agencies–Pag-IBIG, NHMFC anf HLURB– in all those five months she was head of HUDCC.

To give us a perspective of VP Robredo’s stint as HUDCC head, the insider cited the performance of the VP Binay, her predecessor in the housing department.

For perspective, when then-VP Jojo Binay was HUDCC head, he held monthly board meetings.

If this revelation is not damning enough, the HUDCC insider made some more allegations that will anger a lot of her supporters. Here’s why!

The back story to this is the Vice President had her own set of nominees for heads of Key Shelter Agencies (KSAs)–Pag-IBIG, NHA, SHFC and she refused to hold meetings until her nominees were appointed. She didn’t want to work with the holdovers. In other words, she didn’t hit the ground running. Nagpatumpik-tumpik pa muna sha.

When she saw that it was going to take some time for her nominees to be appointed, that was when she finally called for a board meeting. And by then, it was OCTOBER.

So she finally only got to sit with the KSA holdover heads in October–a full 3 months after she’d been assigned as HUDCC head. And even then, it was just with 3 key shelter agencies–PAG-IBIG, NHMFC and HLURB. Not all 6.

According to Ms. Lorraine Badoy, she followed her tweets and one of her tweets could give us a glimpse of her frame of mind during the VP’s HUDCC days.

I read her tweet: “How can shelter agencies function without heads? I followed up appointments many times.”

Ms. Badoy said VP Robredo’s complain about shelter agencies unable to function without heads is baseless.

Shelter agencies do have heads–only they weren’t her nominees. They were holdovers. For instance, to this day, a holdover sits as PAG-IBIG head, the awesome Darlene Berberabe.

Also the notion that shelter agencies cannot function without heads is a shallow, almost ignorant view about the way government works. The bureaucracy doesn’t grind to a halt just because there is no head. A senior officer is appointed as OIC and this happens all the time and work continues.

In fairness to VP Robredo, Ms. Badoy said this story about VP Robredo is not set in stone.

This isn’t written in stone. I’d still want to be proven wrong about all these. So I want to know if the Vice President’s claims have been fact-checked.

I have a right to know.

If you’d recall, the office of the Vice President made the claim that she has been the most hardworking  housing czar head after she was told not to attend Cabinet meetings. She backtracked her statement after the Binay camp issued a statement debunking her word. Check the story here.

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Credits to Lorraine M. Badoy


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