“I ended my shift with us both in agreement that JESUS ALONE SAVES.” — Makati Med nurse attributes prayer session to covid patient’s progress

A lady nurse couldn’t hide her excitement from sharing a feel good story from the Med-Surg ICU ward of the Makati Medical Center where she worked.

In a Facebook post, nurse Riena Magaspac talked about a spontaneous prayer session which did wonders to her intubated covid-19 patient. In fact, the morning after, the patient was extubated.

Nurse Riena Magaspac’s FB post has been well received by netizens, generating 9,800+ shares, 43,297 reactions and 4,700+ comments.

You may read the original article of nurse Riena below.

A raised hand as if asking for a high-five is what my intubated COVID positive patient in the ICU did yesterday.

I tried to make out what he was trying to say through the sign he was making. Though placed with a tube in his airway, he is able to communicate through writing on paper and through signs. His favorite is a thumbs-up to communicate that he is okay and feeling comfortable.

“Five?,” I asked him.

He repeated the 🤚🏼gesture again and now a little longer.

“Sir, sorry I can’t understand what you are trying to say. High-five? Do you want a high-five?”

I raised my hand, mimicking his. He, then, reached out for my hand and held it as he lowered it in his bed.

I realized that what he was trying to say was “wait” and that he wanted me to stay in the room. We held hands for minutes. He closed his eyes as if taking in all the comfort and reassurance a held hand can make.

I took this time to lead him into prayer. Then we held hands in silence for a moment. Then I watched him utter his own prayer to the Lord. Then there went his usual signs – a thumbs up and a nod.

I ended my shift with us both in agreement that JESUS ALONE SAVES.


Mar 27 Update:
He is now extubated! Meaning, the tubes in his airway is already pulled out! This is a progress! Praise God! 🙌🏼

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Source: Riena Magaspac

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