I feel sorry for the airport security personnel wrongly accused on the tanim-bala issue – Pnoy

In a bold statement, President Aquino declared during an interview that the airport security personnel were wrongly accused on the tanim-bala issue.

Pnoy on tanim-bala

Credits to 1millionfilipinos.com

As expected, President Aquino dismissed the series of ‘tanim-bala’ incidents as nothing but a sensationalized issue at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

In a report filed by Susan Enriquez of GMA News, the President believed that there were people who benefited by making a big issue out of it.

President Aquino further said the data speaks for itself. He believed that the number of ‘tanim-bala’ cases is not sufficient to conclude that indeed extortions existed in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

President Aquino hoped that there was a strong evidence to support the accusations directed against the NAIA employees particularly, the airport security personnel.

On one hand, President Aquino said that he feels sorry for the NAIA employees who got entangled in the issue.

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that the National Bureau Investigation (NBI) did ask for an extension in their investigation relative to the ‘tanim-bala’ modus which was granted by the DOJ (Department of Justice).

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