‘I would make you swallow bullets if you are involved in Tanim Bala’ – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Sec. Coloma has already issued an official statement regarding the series of ‘Tanim Bala’ incidents and Malacanang says this is just an isolated case, no more no less.

However, the Presidential Communications Operations Office was quick to add that Malacanang is looking into the ‘Tanim Bala incidents, for how long? That we don’t know.

We’ve already heard the unsolicited advice from various camps including that of Congressman Golez on how to quickly end the ‘Tanim Bala’ incidents in the NAIA. He said the President can end this by instructing the people on the ground to let passengers caught in possession of 1 or 2 bullets to walk away, no questions ask.

But let’s listen to what Mayor Rodrigo has to say about the ‘Tanim Bala’ incidents in the NAIA.

Duterte on President Aquino

Ako, matagal na akong fiscal, nauna ako sa inyo. Ang duda ko sindikato iyan. And the President should settle this once and for all. Kaya niya iyan. Pera-pera lang. (I was a long-time fiscal. I’ve been there, done that. My gut feeling tells me this is the handiwork of a syndicate. And the President should settle this once and for all. He can do this. It’s all about money)

Duterte on police involvement

I am a known protector of the police who are good men and performs his duty. Ang problema kasi diyan sa Maynila, pati pulis kasama sa kagaguhan ng pinaggagagawa niyo diyan. ( I am a known protector of the police who are good men and performs his duty. The problem in Metro Manila is that police are involved in illegal activities as well.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte issued a warning to the people involve in illegal activities including the men in uniform

Kayong mga sindikato, you better pray na hindi ako maging Presidente. Kasi putang ina kapag naabutan ko kayo, ipapakain ko sa inyo iyang bala. May pinakain na ako ng upos ng sigarilyo, may pinakain na ako ng pekeng papeles, ipapakain ko sa inyo iyang bala. Kung nabulunan kayo at na-ospital, merese! (buti nga). At kung nahirapan kayong dumumi, papaoperahan ko iyang puwet niyo para palakihin ang butas. Ayaw na ayaw ko ang oppression at pang-aabuso sa kapwa tao. Akala niyo matatapang kayo kasi may mga baril kayo? May baril din ako. Barilan tayo. Tingnan natin kung sino ang totoong matigas. (I am warning all of you, especially the men in uniform and all government employees entangled with criminal syndicates to pray hard that I am not going to be President. Because, if I ever catches you in the act, son of mother $%#@, I will make you swallow bullets. I already made someone ate cigarette butts and fake land titles, I will not hesitate to make you eat bullets. If you choked in the act of swallowing the bullets and need to be hospitalized, then good for you! And if you experienced difficulty in defecating, I will have you operated to increase the diameter of you anus. What I hate the most is oppression and abuses against fellowman. If you believe you are very brave because you have guns? I also have a gun. Let’s have a gun duel. Let us see who is the tough guy here.

You may check the post below shared by Senora Santibanez.

Duterte on Laglag Bala

What is your opinion about Duterte’s stance on Tanim Bala?



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